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Updated April 01, 2018 0   1  
As we know Jesus better, his divine power gives us everything we need for living a godly life. He has called us to receive his own glory and goodness! 2 Peter 1 v 3 It's exam time... you have a three-hour English exam tomorrow and you...
Updated April 02, 2018 0   1  
You must warn each other every day, as long as it is called ‘Today’, so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God. Hebrews 3 v 13 Christians who want to live right and obey God seem to have their work...
Musing On Mephibosheth (part 2)-Reflections
Updated March 19, 2017 0   2  
We saw in Part 1 that the story of David and Mephibosheth is a reflection of God's grace to us as we, like Mephibosheth, are invited to dine at the King's table, to be treated as the King's sons (and daughters). This was not a fairytale ending moment because...
Musing on Mephibosheth-Reflections
Updated March 21, 2017 0   1  
Most of us are familiar with the story of David and Goliath or David and King Saul or King David and Bathsheba, but what about the story of King David and Mephibosheth? He was the son of Jonathan and Grandson of King Saul of Israel. When...
The Gospel According to TruLife-Reflections
Updated February 15, 2017 0   22  
When was the last time that you were in Church and the worship was so lively that they blew the speakers? Well on Saturday night that happened at the Tramway Christian Fellowship in Edmonton, London as they played host to the second of a very special couple of concerts....
Under The Rug - Mental Health and the Church-Reflections
Updated January 22, 2017 0   2  
Mental health among Christians is a serious issue, the suicide rate is climbing within the church and in society as a whole. The church needs to be the community that God intended us to be and to show love to our brothers and sisters and to the lost and...
So This Is Christmas-Reflections
Updated December 23, 2016 0   2  
During the festive season we hear a lot of Bible passages and they wash over us because they are so familiar to us. So I thought I should take a look at the words of something a little different that has become a staple of the...
The 47th GMA Dove Award Winners-Reflections
Updated January 13, 2017 0   1  
One of the biggest events in the Christian music calendar is the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. This was the 47th year of the awards which have been taking place since the 1970s and it was an amazing evening for those attending who were able to witness one of...
My Devotion (Waking Up Is Hard To Do!)-Reflections
Updated October 10, 2016 0   2  
Do you manage to get some quiet at the beginning of the day in order to spend time with God? For many Christians it's a worthy goal but one that gets lost in the busy-ness of the beginning of the day and before we know it we've hit tea-time...
Do you know what day it is?-Reflections
Updated September 14, 2016 0   2  
So do you? Have you worked it out yet? Possibly the image above is a bit of a give-away... Yes it is the first birthday of One Man In The Middle, and what a year it has been! Generally at 12 months a new-born is starting...
Creation Fest - Day 7-Reflections
Updated August 13, 2016 0   2  
It's now Saturday and Creation Fest is over for another year. Yesterday was a great final day with some brilliant artists on the main stage and also on the other stages. With a big finale at the end of the evening and hundreds of extra people joining to hear...
Creation Fest - Day 6-Reflections
August 12, 2016 0   2  
It's hard to find superlatives for the day to day awesomeness that it is to be at Creation Fest for the whole week. So far we've had Guvna B, LZ7, Triple O and today we are all looking forward to Leeland arriving to lead worship tonight. Before we get...
Creation Fest - Day 5-Reflections
Updated August 11, 2016 0   1  
A wet start to the day followed by sunny intervals, but this is not a weather forecast! Today has been an epic day. I have had the chance to discover some real musical talent, a surprise artist on stage in the Big Shed and a massive concert with Linz...
Creation Fest - Day 4-Reflections
Updated August 10, 2016 0   1  
Day 4 in sometimes sunny Cornwall, but hey, as Guvna B reminded us, we don't mind the Weatherman! We have just come back from the Big Shed and the wind is blowing a little across our tent. Many people have headed down to the bonfire at the bottom of...
Creation Fest - Day 3-Reflections
Updated June 03, 2017 0   4  
We are all starting to get into the swing of the ebb and flow of the festival now, every festival is slightly different, but it's great that sometimes there is no pressure. Although for us with the kids things can be regulated by mealtimes, because although you may be...
Creation Fest Day 2-Reflections
August 08, 2016 0   2  
So the first full day started wet, as did we because the campsite that our tent is inexpertly pitched on is sloped slightly and I and one of the kids in the other end of the tent had rolled to the edges. A damp start is not what you...
Creation Fest -Day 1-Reflections
Updated April 09, 2017 0   4  
So Creation Fest opened last night and One Man In The Middle is going to try and bring you something of our experiences. We'll be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook from the events of each day as well as some of what we have got up to.Check out...
Nobody Said It Would Be Easy...-Reflections
June 12, 2016 0   2  
Did you watch the game and experience the rollercoaster of emotions as England played Russia? With Wayne Rooney captaining the young squad it seems like so much could or should have been different! Hope comes in with every corner, every penalty, every free-kick and hope drained away equally quickly...
Pray, Wait, Watch-Reflections
Updated June 03, 2016 0   1  
When faced with an impossible situation what do you do? It can be important to remember your identity in a moment of crisis. To remember what the Bible says can happen and how God can move in the impossible and in the blink of an eye things can change!...
Disappointed With DC-Reflections
Updated May 12, 2016 1   2  
The world of Christian music has been a-buzz for the last week or so with the possibility that something was happening with the seminal Christian group from the 90’s, DC Talk. The big announcement came yesterday and the reaction from the Christian music lovers was not exactly positive. They...
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