Pray, Wait, Watch-Reflections

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Pray, Wait, Watch-Reflections

When faced with an impossible situation what do you do? It can be important to remember your identity in a moment of crisis. To remember what the Bible says can happen and how God can move in the impossible and in the blink of an eye things can change!

Facing the Impossible

There are a few times in my life when I have faced an impossible situation, or at least something that seemed that way. Those who have read my previous reflections are no doubt aware of my history and the end of my first marriage. Don't worry I am not walking down that particular cul-de-sac of memory lane today!

This past couple of weeks have been very difficult to say the least, but before I go into that let me give you a bit of background.

My darling wife has a chronic illness, she suffers from M.E., it is a most frustrating condition and it has left my wife feeling like she has lost herself thanks to the pain and tiredness that comes from this. In order to help her cope with this and the additional problems that this causes I have been able to work part-time hours from home with occassional trips to the office for training and meetings. This support that I am able to give my wife gives us both peace of mind that I can help her out to live life as well as possible on the bad days and to actually help her to enjoy the better days.

Out Of The Blue

Last week I was called to have a meeting with my employers and they want to promote me, but in order to do this they want me back in the office! It no longer suits them for me to be working from home. I knew that I couldn't do that - my wife and family is my first concern, so I asked for alternatives.

They were - return to work or change my contract to much less guaranteed income!

SLAM! Just like that a wall sprang up in my way and slapped me in the face. What should I do, which option could I take?


I had already been praying about this, before I had the meeting I had prayed as I walked down the road that I would accept whatever God had for me. If the company wanted to let me go then I said I had faith in God that He would guide my next steps.


There is a peace when you relinquish control to God, but being human no sooner had I handed it over I tried to take it back. As soon as the options were given I was trying to think through the ramifications and how I could influence it. I asked God to help me and wrote my reply to the company outlining why the arrangements were still necessary for my home life but accepting that depending on the final terms I would negotiate on the less favourable terms to see if we could come to some arrangement. I fired off the email and waited.

I shared with a couple of people regarding my situation and asked them to pray. I prayed, but actually with the confidence that even with the less favourable contract that God would still provide. I even started to explore the options for another home based role or even freelance writing and I continued to wait.


I had a call from my manager today. He couldn't believe what had happened. Yesterday a letter had been written and it was due to be put into the post today. The offer was about the continuation of my employment and about the terms of the new contract. He continued to tell me that this was all decided and even this morning the letter was due to be sent out in the afternoon post run.

Just before lunch my manager was called into the CEO's office and told that actually it was not worth the hassle of changing my contract and that he should ring me and let me know that my current contract would be continuing!


I had resigned myself to this new contract, it was the most favourable of the options, the unspoken option of course was also there that I would be let go.

I do not believe that this happened by chance. I do not believe that it was just coincidence. I do believe that My God is powerful and just and can do more than we can ask or imagine. The crisis hit and I tried to stay firm, I tried my best to commit the future into His hands, I tried hard not to take back control of the situation, and I remembered that I am the adopted son of the most high God. My adoption means that my Father will look out for my needs because my Father loves to give good gifts to his children.

Now this isn't a message of financial prosperity, this is a message of how a situation can look so bleak, so troubling, BUT GOD can turn it around and use it for our blessing and to declare His great name. God can turn your test into a testimony!

There are so many verses in the Bible about praying and waiting on God. Too often we send up a prayer and then try and take control without even listening to what God has to say or the direction He may give.


Help me to wait on you. I surrender control of my future into your hands because I know that you already have good plans for me, so how could my plans be better? Help me to wait and grant me peace while I do. Help me to move only when you tell me, and help me to watch and see your hand at work in my circumstances.

In Jesus name,

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