Creation Fest - Day 7-Reflections

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Creation Fest - Day 7-Reflections

It's now Saturday and Creation Fest is over for another year. Yesterday was a great final day with some brilliant artists on the main stage and also on the other stages. With a big finale at the end of the evening and hundreds of extra people joining to hear The Grenaways, Philippa Hanna and Hillsong London it was going to be a big night!

It's now Saturday and I have the task of keeping 6 children awake until a reasonable time for them to go to bed. They are exhausted, but mainly happy, having spent the week at Creation Fest. If anyone has a good idea how I can keep them awake then let me know!

It was sad to leave the Big Shed last night knowing that it was the last event for another fantastic Creation Fest! We had a blast all week and this is, once again, thanks to the team that work tirelessly throughout the year to bring this event together.

Yesterday I managed to get the kids to Ocean Commotion (just) and left One Woman to have a lie-in. This gave me some time to sort some photos, more of which will be posted on our Facebook page in the coming few days because I think we have some great shots! All the time I was watching the clock as I was due to be meeting the wonderful Sarah Téibo. As normal, everything had a habit of coinciding and Sarah turned up just as the kids were about to perform some of their songs in the Big Shed, at the same time I was meant to be meeting with The New Divide for an interview. Thankfully I managed to fit everything in and had a great chat with The New Divide, before getting One Woman up and collecting the kids.

The afternoon had a pleasant surprise because a band line-up changed and Philippa Hanna was asked to cover in the Showcase Tent with an acoustic set which gave us a real treat and a double helping of Philippa! Sarah also went to hear Philippa and I had the pleasure of introducing them to each other. I felt responsible for Sarah being at Creation Fest so I spent some time with her through the afternoon whilst also grabbing and interview. With no-one to see and no interviews booked after that One Woman and I sorted out the tent to make the pack down easier in the morning, with parents picking us up really early we needed to be ready!

After that fun task we rewarded ourselves with an ice-cream before the kids came out of the kids club, we even managed to eat them without being discovered by the two oldest, who could have potentially rumbled us! Ice-creams eaten and tent tidied it was time to hear Sarah sing. I know her voice on the CD is brilliant but nothing could have prepared me for her absolutely beautiful and brilliant delivery. Many people just loved the different sound of Sarah's Gospel, Soul and R'n'B vocals being something different but very welcome. Sarah even took the time to lead some dancing! The response was enthusiastic with calls for Sarah to be on the Big Shed stage next year!

The Big Shed kicked off a bit earlier than normal with The Grenaways, so I missed part of their set. They are always crowd favourites at Creation Fest and they were playing tracks from their new EP. They were followed up with an appeal for Compassion from Philippa Hanna, which then moved onto her set with a full band. Of all the times I have heard Philippa this was the first time that I have heard her with a full band. During this I got called away for an interview with Hillsong London which I had been waiting for all day so I missed some of Philippa's set. I managed to get some photo's on my return and then stopped to keep Sarah company who took the opportunity to chat to people queuing to speak to Philippa. This is something that is great about Creation Fest, artists are mostly happy to chat with fans and sign albums, skateboards, scooters and phone cases!

So Hillsong London finished off the evening with some of their trademark worship and a message from Brian Broderson and Brian Sumner - many people sought prayer as they have done through the week and people streamed from the Big Shed into the cold evening air knowing that, just possibly, this was the best Creation Fest so far!

Creation Fest is in danger. In faith dates have been set for next years event (5th - 11th August) however Creation Fest costs £163,000 to produce the festival and the majority of this has come from American church sponsors, however this funding isn't there for 2017 this means that Creation Fest are asking people to consider giving a gift to help keep Creation Fest free for 2017 and beyond.

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