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Creation Fest - Day 6-Reflections

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Creation Fest - Day 6-Reflections

It's hard to find superlatives for the day to day awesomeness that it is to be at Creation Fest for the whole week. So far we've had Guvna B, LZ7, Triple O and today we are all looking forward to Leeland arriving to lead worship tonight. Before we get there however there is a whole day to go packed full of interesting seminars, music, teaching and more. And the interviewer becomes the interviewee

When you are at an event 'officially' covering it then it can become easy to just get sucked into the whirlwind of getting the work done and not actually remembering that there are opportunities to experience and learn from the people around. Today I made a point of trying to get to a couple of seminars - after all it's not just about the music.

The starts in the morning do seem to be becoming a little slower to get going. As the kids are getting more and more tired. This morning I let them sleep in a little, determined that they would get to kids club on time, even if they missed breakfast. Thankfully they managed to wake themselves up and we managed to get food and even some time in the prayer tent before the kids club!

The prayer tent is being run by the North Devon House Of Prayer and is a quiet place with gentler worship going on in the background. It's a place where people are ready to pray with anyone for whatever is needed or a place for quiet reflection. There are activities for all ages to take part in focused around prayer. It's a really great space that I have popped into a few times just to let some quieter music wash over me and relax and just turn my thoughts away from the bustle and back to God, the reason we have come to Creation Fest in the first place!

While One Woman was sorting out the photo's for Facebook I went to an interview, only this time I was the one answering questions as our friends from West Yorkshire radio station Branch FM agreed to interview me. This is great because although we love our current readers, we would love there to be many more of you! So listen out for the interview on the air soon, but also share the word about One Man In The Middle with your church and friends!

Lunchtimes are interesting with 6 kids. Thankfully we are not cooking, but often there are things that One Woman and I want to get to, but the kids can eat at a variety of speeds and often I send One Woman ahead as a scout. Yesterday there was something she saw in the festival programme that she thought looked interesting, so she went ahead - after 10 minutes I got a message saying that the artist was very good and worth chatting too. That artist was a young lady called Meg Lawrenson. So we had a quick chat about her life, music, worship, college and a range of subjects including her upcoming EP.

I then quickly had to rush to the seminars. The first I caught half of was by Tim Chaddick with the great title of "The Unlikely Role of Temptation in Who You Will Become". This was some great teaching on temptation looking at the temptations of Jesus and examining the temptations that Christians have and how God allows them to build us and our character. Then a quick walk to the Pavilion to catch Steve Wade from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Jon Turner from Christian Vision talking about sharing Jesus in a Digital Age. This introduced me to some ministries that I hadn't seen online before, but doing excellent work!

Then I had to return to earth and find my next interview candidate. Mr Bean Baker who played a set in the tube. This has to be the most fun interview that I have done, just completely different in style to anything else and it made me wish that it was one for the radio! Perhaps if you're all very good I will post the sound file, maybe after a bit of editing! We had such a good time chatting that I forgot I was meant to be meeting One Woman and the kids for tea and only just managed to fit tea in before heading to the Big Shed for the Teen Takeover.

Kicking off with DJ Jozzy playing his second stint for the week, it soon gave way to American Rock Band who have been working tirelessly this week, The New Divide. These guys were really great fun and had a great time with the crowd, but also brought some great songs and I am looking forward to speaking with them tomorrow morning. Tom Smith, the worship leader from Soul Survivor led a great set of worship tracks and there was a funny message from Joel Turner, before the night finished with American worshippers Leeland currently in the middle of their European Tour.

I know I haven't concentrated much on the Big Shed experience, or analysed the performances through these set of thoughts. It's normally because at these times it's like I am Daddy Sheepdog herding the kids, nipping off to get a few photos and then back to it again. Anyone watching us may thing that perhaps it resembles more a game of "Whack-a-mole".

We rounded off last night by enjoying the last late night movie - War Room which we reviewed recently. The three older children wanted to see it, so I accompanied them and once again got stirred up by the great message. So another late night but another excellent day.

Looking forward to tomorrow, not just because it is the last full day, but interviews with The New Divide, Sarah Teibo and Hillsong London are on the cards!

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