Creation Fest - Day 5-Reflections

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A wet start to the day followed by sunny intervals, but this is not a weather forecast! Today has been an epic day. I have had the chance to discover some real musical talent, a surprise artist on stage in the Big Shed and a massive concert with Linz West and LZ7 and a much smaller gig with the great Triple O.

So yesterday's entry got a bit deep didn't it? Well today is a new day but the same old tiredness is really hitting everyone hard! One Woman is constantly fighting the fatigue and is beginning to long for the blow up mattress in the tent. Our comfortable bed at home seems like a distant memory!

It rained overnight but was fairly miserable at 4am, I know because nature called. It is really refreshing to walk the distance to the loo in the cold wet night, but I was wanting to be asleep, not refreshed! I did manage to get back to sleep again, on Friday night I could barely sleep and this morning I could barely stay awake! I am not the only one either. The kid's are taking longer to come around too in the mornings.

It is at this stage a nice refreshing shower could help and I was going to do this today only to find that I had unwittingly took all our towels home on when I popped back and took the dirty washing! I have failed my Hitchhikers Guide training because "a hoops food always knows where his towel is". Sorry that may be a reference with limited appeal!

So into the day. We know the routine, up, dress, breakfast, kids club drop off...and relax. This afternoons first people to catch at lunchtime was the fantastic Wildwood Kin who were playing a small set in the Showcase Tent, before opening in the Big Shed in the evening. After their set I managed to interview these very talented girls and then I had a scheduled interview with Linz West from LZ7. Another great guy with a heart to save souls and save lives. One thing he told me in our brief time together was that when they toured in New Zealand schools with their positive message, suicide rates in the country dropped by 10%!

Passion is a great thing and Linz has this in spades. He is also an ambassador for Compassion. I managed a quick catch up with them. They are a charity that we are fully behind and we support a child ourselves.  This week at Creation Fest Compassion were looking to get 100 children sponsored, but so far they have found sponsors for nearly 40 children. This is a charity that changes lives immensely and is most definitely worth the £25 per month it costs to completely change a child's life!

I had to get right across to the other side of the festival campsite to enjoy a cream tea with our local church who are camping together. Then a rush back to get the kids and eat dinner before heading out to listen to the fantastic Cathy Burton playing the Showcase Tent. Cathy was supported by the incredibly talented guitarist Dan Wheeler, and watching from the front rows was her good friend Steve Parsons. I managed to grab a quick chat with Cathy before heading to the Big Shed.

I managed to get there in time for Wildwood Kin to bring out their surprise guest Seth Lakeman. Wow, these girls are popular! The front of the Big Shed was already full by the time I got there. It got even more crowded as LZ7 took to the stage and really got everyone engaged. Not only with their fantastic tracks but with a moving story of a life saved, not just spiritually but physically because of the impact of their music!

Whilst the main shed enjoyed the worship of KXC worship team, I fancied something a little different - our friend Triple O performing in The Tube. There were only a few teenagers there but Triple O reached out to them and they responded in a very intimate performance. 

So no deep thoughts tonight but instead an awesome day to hear that God is changing lives at this festival. Through the ministry, through the artists and through the organisations here promoting and raising awareness, like Compassion, MAF and many more.

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