Creation Fest - Day 4-Reflections

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Day 4 in sometimes sunny Cornwall, but hey, as Guvna B reminded us, we don't mind the Weatherman! We have just come back from the Big Shed and the wind is blowing a little across our tent. Many people have headed down to the bonfire at the bottom of the site, but not us, six tired kids (not to mention two tired adults) need an early night tonight!

Here are my thoughts about Day 4 at Creation Fest in Wadebridge featuring my parents, a bee sting, a grumpy tired girl, Guvna B and Richard Morris and a cast of hundreds and some sheep!

It's been another day of running around the festival site chasing after kids and catching up on a whole range of things, like writing these. We are in that stage where we seem to be constantly charging things at the moment. We have two cameras, four mobile phones and one laptop and no electricity in our tent! We are relying on the generosity of the team here to get all this done!

So my parents were popping up today to come and see Andy McIntosh talk about the intelligent design of the human ear. So this morning I had a quick shower, read for a while and then thought I should wake the kids. This did not go down well with youngest female as she was tired out from the moment she opened her eyes. Every little thing was too much! Through the day we must have experienced 10-15 sets of unnecessary tears and stress. Once the kids were dropped to their activities I helped One Woman to get to the showers and was about to head to the tent when I noticed missed calls and a message. Eldest son had been stung by a bee. I rang him and told him to head to the medical tent to have something put on it and some antihistamines. 

By the time I got back Mum and Dad were arriving. So I took the quickest trip home to pick up some fresh clothes for one of the younger ones who had some toilet issues earlier in the week going through clothes faster than expected! We got back just in time to tell Mum and Dad where to eat and a.quieter place where they might sit. Apparently not quite quiet enough because the band in the Showcase tent were too loud for their tastes!

At lunchtime I ventured for the first time into the art tent on the back of the big shed cafe bumping into Mr Cross Rhythms Tony Cummings sitting listening to a newish artist called Campbell Sibthorpe. They were quite impressive and later I had a chance to have a chat with them.

There is a band that have been about for most of the week, performing as the Josh Walker band and then in the kids club working with the lovely Shell Perris as a band called Jellybeans! He is working incredibly hard around the site and had quite a story to tell, so I had a good chat with them too!

Although the night rounded off with performances from Richard Morris, Guvna B and Tim Jupp on stage talking about Big Church Day Out, today has reminded me of the little things. It takes hundreds of volunteers to support this festival. Then there are the people who are vital to safety that we forget until we need them like the medical team who could just quickly react to a sting, or a fall or sunstroke and provide emergency first aid. It's also about the hundreds of smaller bands who play to a few in all the small venues without whom the festival would have a very different atmosphere!

I awoke this morning to the bleating of sheep in a nearby field. It reminded me of a story of King Saul when he was given victory in a battle, but strictly instructed to kill and burn all the plunder and utterly wipe out that land. Instead he spared the king and kept sheep. Samuel arrives after God revealed he would remove Saul as King. Saul says he had followed the instructions and Samuel asks why he can hear the bleating of sheep. Saul gives an excuse about keeping them for sacrifice, but there was sacrifice in bringing these sheep to God. His worship would cost him nothing. To get a blessing in our worship for it to be a real sacrifice it must cost something. There are so many people at Creation Fest who sacrifice time, energy and even their holidays to help at this event. The organisers behind the festival labour long and hard to construct an excellent programme with a great balance and the bands sacrifice higher paying gigs, or their day jobs to come and serve the attendees and ultimately give their gifts back to God. So, my question to myself is what sacrifice has gone into my worship today, what have I given to God that has cost me something...?

Mind you some people would say camping with six kids I have probably already sacrificed my sanity! They may have a point.


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