Creation Fest - Day 3-Reflections

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Creation Fest - Day 3-Reflections

We are all starting to get into the swing of the ebb and flow of the festival now, every festival is slightly different, but it's great that sometimes there is no pressure. Although for us with the kids things can be regulated by mealtimes, because although you may be tempted to skip a meal they certainly won't be! So we started out on a marvellous Monday that would see some more great music, art and much more.

So today was definitely what I would bill as a lazy day. Taking the time without the kids to spend with friends and family who were at the festival for the first time ever. Lots of chatting and laughter is great, although there definitely could have been more tea and coffee involved, but that was about circumstance, not availability as there are a number of venues on site that act as cafe's.

The kids are loving the children's club and they really enjoy the times spent with their group leaders, and my youngest is always wanting to chat with her leaders whenever she see's them on site. Apparently one of the kids sang a solo piece in their talent competition!

So last night the main thing for us was the concert in The Big Shed. Kicking off the night were Rivers and Robots. You can read our review of The Eternal Son and they played a number of songs from this album in their set. They were followed by a short dramatic performance from Rise Theatre. Then Faith Child brought a fantastically lively performance with some great showmanship throughout - as well as speaking words of life and truth to the crowd.

If you should be reading these words and you are in the wonderful country of Scotland, the opposite end of the United Kingdom (we are still friends aren't we?) and you are feeling left out with all of this going on in Cornwall then don't worry, firstly you can watch the live feed online and secondly Creation Fest is coming to Glasgow later this month!

The Big Shed rounded out the night with a set of worship from Labesh - a band formed for a Christian event from two local churches across the Camborne and Redruth area in Cornwall who are fresh from leading sessions at New Wine. I have known some of these guys for a long time and it's great to see them flourishing!

That isn't the end of things, when the music stops the movies begin and in the Showcase Cafe the kids and I caught a screening of God's Not Dead 2 - look out for a review of that coming soon!

Other events around the site that we didn't manage to get to included a Silent Disco, a Coffee Brewing Masterclass, Water Balloon Fight and so many more things. If yo uare based in Cornwall why not come across and join us? This is a wonderful resource for Christians that happens to be right on our doorstep in Cornwall!

So at the end of two and a half days we're still here, still in the tent and still enjoying what God is doing across the festival site. It's great to walk around and see people happy, enjoying themselves - even when there isn't much in the way of sunshine!


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