Creation Fest Day 2-Reflections

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So the first full day started wet, as did we because the campsite that our tent is inexpertly pitched on is sloped slightly and I and one of the kids in the other end of the tent had rolled to the edges. A damp start is not what you need. As the day wore on the sun tried to shine and then it clouded over, then more sunshine. With the festival site in full swing with campers and glampers and day visitors and church groups all getting together to experience the diversity of a day at Creation Fest!

So with it being Sunday the Big Shed was absolutely packed out as people came to join in with worship led by Ben Cantelon and then the word based on the theme of this years event, Love + Truth, with Brian Brodersen. It is important to remember that the festival isn't just about the music, there are countless hours of seminars and themed talks as well through the week. One Man cannot be everywhere and our main focus is on the music, and even then you can't get around everywhere! For example one of our local friends, Abi Jopson was playing in The Big Shed Cafe, another friend, Steve Parsons was playing in the Showcase Tent, and he owed me an interview! So watch this space for his wisdom coming soon, in the meantime you can click the link above and read our recent interview with Abi who tells me the gig went well!

One of the great things about a Christian festival is that you see people that you haven't seen for years and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends, discover new ministries. We bumped into friends and relatives around the site and enjoyed some great fellowship. In the afternoon one band caught my eye, mainly because of the name, Vamoosery! These guys had travelled down from Coventry to play Creation Fest and then were travelling straight back. Some people do not realise the commitment it takes to do something like this, but these guys were keen to do this. These guys are a talented, female fronted, prog-rock band and they really rocked the stage - if you get a chance to see this band, I am sure they will blow you away!

The kids are busy all day in the "Ocean Commotion" which means that we have a bit of time to catch up with people and just have a slower pace of life. Part of this was bumping into our friends Written In Kings who also opened the in the Big Shed. They were followed on the stage by Eikon. And then the very popular semi-finalist from Britain's Got Talent, Josh Curnow, comedian Joel Turner and finally the evening was brought to a close by Ben Cantelon rounding out his time at Creation Fest. Then everyone headed outside for some fantastic fireworks.

There is stuff going on late into the night at Creation Fest and I opted to go to watch Risen, a film that I have wanted to see for a while. This was hosted by our friends at The Christian Film Review in the Showcase Tent. Finishing after midnight it was a great way to round out the day....

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