Creation Fest -Day 1-Reflections

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Creation Fest -Day 1-Reflections

So Creation Fest opened last night and One Man In The Middle is going to try and bring you something of our experiences. We'll be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook from the events of each day as well as some of what we have got up to.Check out our recent interview with James Herring from Speak, Brother.

Just to set the scene we are camping. Yes One Man and One Woman with 6 kids! So our time is in great demand to try and get around the site struggling with disabilities and moany kids! On Friday it was mainly about getting the tent set up, and then realising it was all wrong and turning the insides around, whilst trying to utilise and entertain the talents of our family. Needless to say it was a tiring night and crawling into bed sometime around midnight we had both had a long day and things just weren't comfortable. One Woman wanted to go home, Chronic Fatigue and camping is not a good combination.

Saturday lunch time the site opened, and we couldn't wait to get as many kids as possible into the Children's Club - Ocean Commotion, to have a bit of peace while the elder kids were left to entertain themselves. We took the opportunity for One Woman to catch the LIV Children's Choir which were by all accounts fantastic. This is a group of children in South Africa who are given homes in a village, someone to love them and look after them - a great work you can check out on their website

I wanted to stay with something more local so I headed across to the Tube venue and caught Wayfarers and caught up with them for a quick interview. This is a folk-country trio who have a passion to share their songs wherever they can across Cornwall.

A little later, after picking up the kids I headed across to catch one of the last performances of the fantastic Reading based Ska band - Sounds of Salvation. After years of gigging up and down the country these guys are hanging up their trumpets, trombone and guitars, but this was a fun, energy filled set of some of their best songs. Sadly there was not a bigger audience to come and join them, but there are some great shots on Facebook.

The evening concert for Creation Fest just gets bigger and bigger. Hosted by Sarah Yardley and Scott Cunningham this was kicked off with a short performance from LIV childrens choir and there were a lot of different things going on. I mean, have you ever done prayer crowd-surfing? Well that was the innovative way to pray for members of the "One The Beach Mission" team who will be going out from here to impact the local beaches in Bude, Newquay and Polzeath.

As far as musicians go the night's first band were Speak, Brother who did a fantastic set before heading off for the pub in Wadebridge to play a set there and take something of the festival out into the local town. Check out our recent interview with James Herring from Speak, Brother. Then Transform DJ's brought their dance worship set. The kids loved all this music and excitement, my youngest Abby totally wore herself out falling asleep with the booming music from these guys! Then rounding out the worship was the fantastic Ben Cantelon, sadly at this point we had to head back to the tent, while the music continued playing and the oldest three determined not to be tired and headed off for the late night movie "God's Not Dead".

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