We talk to people using their creativity for the Kingdom of God, whether musicians, singer / songwriters, comedians and more. Check out these great interviews as we look beyond the music to find out what motivates these artists.
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Meg Lawrenson - Interview
Updated February 04, 2017 1   2  
Meg Lawrenson is a young singer / songwriter that we met at Creation Fest performing in the Big Shed Café. Originally from Southampton and growing up as a Pastor's daughter we asked her some questions about life in the Church and her first steps into the world of Christian...
Cathy Burton - Interview
January 03, 2017 0   4  
There are probably very few artists who have such a diversity in their music as Cathy Burton who switches between successful EDM releases, singer / songwriter tracks and full-on worship releases, as well as leading worship regularly at events like Spring Harvest. With a new recording on the horizon...
Lindz West (LZ7) - Interview
Updated December 29, 2016 1   7  
Lindz West from LZ7 was doing a whirlwind of interviews when they arrived in the van for Creation Fest, running late for their sound-check he still found time to talk with us, so we had a quick chat about Schools, Mainstream and the history of LZ7 amongst other things....
Wildwood Kin - Interview
Updated December 19, 2016 1   5  
Wildwood Kin have started to become a hit on the alternative folk scene, they have been nominated for a youth folk award with the BBC and even played at a Radio 2 Christmas launch party. This year has also seen them tour with Seth Lakeman and record with him....
Josh Walker - Interview
Updated December 13, 2016 0   6  
The Josh Walker Band come from Crewe and were incredibly busy during Creation Fest playing the main stage and smaller stages all around the festival including leading the children's worship with Christian singer Shell Perris in a potential new band called Jellybeans. We caught up with Josh to talk...
Rivers and Robots - Interview
Updated November 30, 2016 0   6  
Continuing our series of interviews with Christian Music artists this week it’s the turn of Rivers and Robots. They are a Manchester band with a desire to see worship of God not just confined to the inside of a church. So when we talked to them we discussed their...
Chip Kendall - Interview
Updated November 21, 2016 0   4  
At the weekend I took the opportunity to meet up with Chip Kendall, former member of The Band With No Name and a recording artist with his own band - he and his wife Helen are currently serving as Creative Arts Pastors at the Audacious Church in Manchester. Chip...
FaithChild - Interview
November 15, 2016 0   6  
FaithChild is one of the UK's top award winning artists and happened to stop by for a chat with us while at Creation Fest earlier this year. This conversation is an excellent introduction to anyone who's not come across this great ambassador for Jesus previously. Starting from the miracle...
Josh Curnow - Interview
Updated February 04, 2017 0   5  
If you love Saturday night TV in the UK then you will be very familiar with the Cornish semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent – Josh Curnow. We took our chance to talk to Josh after his appearance at Creation Fest in August. In a very candid interview Josh tells...
Vamoosery - Interview
Updated November 01, 2016 1   6  
They describe themselves as a female fronted prog-rock outfit with a unique sound and they played UK's Creation Fest earlier this year and they sound absolutely brilliant! The band comes from Coventry and have recorded one EP and are hoping to get back into the studio and record a...
Julie Elias - Interview
October 20, 2016 0   4  
It's actually a pleasant autumn night in Newquay, Cornwall and the local Costa is gearing up to host a concert in association with the local churches and Oriel Ministries (the people behind LED?). The performer for the evening is Julie Elias and she is sitting opposite me and we...
Steve Parsons - Interview
Updated October 11, 2016 0   4  
As a teenager I used to attend a youth event once a month and one week there was a young guy there bringing a small concert and promoting his second album - "Simple Faith", that guy was Steve Parsons. Now he's older and wiser, but still bringing music that...
Wayfarers - Interview
Updated October 06, 2016 0   3  
Let me introduce you to Dan, Lizzie and Rachel, better known collectively as Wayfarers, a folk trio based in Cornwall. We met up for a chat with them at Creation Fest earlier this year to see what they were all about.
Updated February 04, 2017 1   5  
Every so often as a music reviewer I discover something that is a little bit special. A few months ago I reviewed an album called “Walk With Me” from singer / songwriter Sarah Téibo which scored a fantastic 9.1/10. Apparently...
Steve Legg - Interview
Updated September 17, 2016 0   3  
We recently met up with Steve Legg, he is an entertainer and comedian, he is also the editor of the men's magazine Sorted. He was in town with Jané doing a "Curry and Comedy" evening for the charity Compassion which helps free children from poverty.
Guvna B - Interview
Updated August 29, 2016 0   3  
Guvna B is a Christian rapper who has been on the Christian music scene for just under 10 years. He has an infectious style blending honesty, integrity with hope and faith and importantly a very British twist. We took the opportunity to sit down and chat with him recently...
Triple O Interview
Updated October 04, 2016 0   6  
Triple O has been touring the UK with his Gospel infused rap. He has collaborated with a diverse range of artists and even collected a MOBO award along the way. We caught up with him recently to talk about his music and his message.
Interview - Abi Jopson
Updated July 20, 2016 1   4  
It's the dream of many young people to make it in the music industry, a dream that many never realise. So it was a real pleasure to interview Abi Jopson from Plymouth,  who has a dream to communicate to the hurting through her music and has taken the first...
Mark Palmer - Live on Comedy Central - Modern Times
Updated July 04, 2016 2   2  
Mark Palmer is a South African comedian who moved over to the UK to become an international Stand-Up Comedian. Mark has toured extensively in the South African and UK comedy scenes and also performed internationally and has featured on Comedy Central a number of times. As a comedian Mark's comedy...
Interview - James Herring from Speak, Brother
Updated June 03, 2017 0   2  
Speak, Brother is a band comprised of James Herring performing lead vocals and guitar, Matt Cotterill on Piano, Dan Smith on Percussion and Nath Morris on Bass. Until a couple of years ago Speak, Brother were known as The James Herring Band. I met up with James shortly after...
50 results - showing 21 - 40
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