Book Review: Stay The Path by Bobbie Houston

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April 25, 2017  
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Book Review: Stay The Path by Bobbie Houston

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God calls all women to some level of leadership. Yet seeing yourself as a leader, discerning what one is meant to do, and navigating one's role as a woman and leader can be a challenging task.
Drawing on the wisdom of 40 years of ministry, Bobbie Houston helps all women to discover their specific purpose and divine calling in STAY THE PATH.

She shares the truths and experiences that have kept her and her husband, Brian Houston, on course, on point and focused on the path before them. Readers will be able to recognise and believe in their unique gifts. Packed with personal stories, helpful advice and leadership strategies for women, this book will challenge readers to claim their God-given potential and lead with confidence, poise, and grace.

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