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Ignorance Is Woe

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Raven Faith Records is pleased to announce the release of a 3 song EP, Ignorance Is Woe, by A Martyr’s Oath for free download.

The three songs on Ignorance Is Woe are sermon jams comprised of original music by A Martyr’s Oath and excerpts from Dr Kent Hovind’s first seminar on creation (Used by permission). This is a special release from Raven Faith Records and A Martyrs Oath, you might see more music from the group down the road.

What is A Martyr’s Oath? “My oath is with Christ and although I am not physically a martyr, having died for the name of my Lord, I am a daily martyr by choosing to live for Jesus Christ rather than the world. Die daily. Stand on Christ. A martyr’s oath”.
Pat from A Martyr’s Oath has a background of touring as a singer/songwriter, but this project is more inspired by the hardcore and deathcore scene. That is strange you might ask? Well, the scene Pat toured in the most and performed his folk music was the Christian Hardcore scene and his love for music has never faded. The idea behind A Martyr’s Oath is to merge two passions, Christ’s word and good breakdowns.

You can download Innocence is Woe at

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