First Listen to Chris Roe's new single "So Beautiful"

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First Listen to Chris Roe's new single "So Beautiful"

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Chris Roe is getting set to release a brand new single called “So Beautiful” and he let me have a sneaky early listen to it.

The title is not meant as a description of the song itself, however, it works as such! The song itself takes heavy inspiration in its lyrics from the Passion translation of Song of Songs. It is often mentioned that this song represents the love between Christ and the church, this song is the churches love song to Jesus Himself taken from the bride's responses.

With gentle backing and Chris Roe’s vocal brilliantly soft and tender, along with a backing singer adding emphasis and joining the love song for the saviour. This single is a gentle prayer of worship and is a reminder of one part of the multi-faceted love that we share with Jesus.

You can check out the brand new single which is released tomorrow - Friday 7th June 2019 and you can purchase from the links above for iTunes and Amazon - and yes by buying through these links also puts a little bit of money back into One Man In The Middle.

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