Chaos Curb Collaboration Return With New Single

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After nearly four and half years since their well-received second album, ‘Everywhere’ and club tour with Martin Smith, Chaos Curb Collaboration are back with a new single, ‘You Are…’.

In the last four years, as a band, we have been through all sorts of trials. Each one of us have had mental health struggles, including breakdowns, depression, and bi-polar. We’ve suffered divorce and grief. Some of us have lost our faith, and others have had it drastically change shape.

The result is a new season for us as a band. We are in the process of writing and recording a new album, titled ‘Life, Death and Resurrection’. The songs are a mixture of long-form ambient instrumental pieces, guitar-based rock, and big warm synth pop like ‘You Are…’. We are tackling difficult themes of faith and loss of faith, doubt, anger, grief, joy and beauty.

‘You Are…’ was co-produced and mixed by Patrick Mayberry, worship director of Soul City Church, Chicago, and the genius behind ‘The Wild Wind’. It is available to stream and download on Friday 29th March 2019.

We are playing some festivals this summer and are hoping to tour in the autumn and winter, after releasing some more singles.

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