We love Christian Music and we want to show you that it'smore than Kumbaya sung around the campfire. Our reviews of the latest Christian Music covers the big well known names like Newsboys, Switchfoot, Matt Redman from labels like Sony, Capitol CCM, Sparrow, Authentic Media, Integrity and many more.

There are many voices that deserve to be heard and many unsigned artists too. So we aim to bring you the best spread of music in the Christian scene from around the world. Our reviews are unbiased and honest, whilst trying to see the good and encourage artists in their work and integrity and to make great music that shows Gods creativity in us.

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Music Review: Wildfire by Fuse
November 03, 2017 1   3  
Fuse is the worship youth ministry of NewSpring Church, a growing, vibrant church with multiple locations all over the state of South Carolina. NewSpring exists to reach people far from God and teach them to follow Jesus step by step. From stage to studio, we want to passionately declare...
Music Review: Identity by Colton Dixon
November 02, 2017 1   3  
American Idol alum Colton Dixon invites you to go on a journey with him as you listen to his album, Identity. The 17-track deluxe record presents three personal and artistically unique sides to his music in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT, blending his traditional alternative-rock sound with newer pop elements....
Music Review: Lifer by Mercy Me
October 30, 2017 1   4  
The best-selling, and Grammy nominated, band behind 'I Can Only Imagine' return with this, their newest studio album. Lifer is an album for those of you who love your worship to be uplifting, powerful, and meaningful. These are songs for everyday faith, and songs to celebrate the gift God...
Music Review: Bright Light by Cheryl Shepherd
October 21, 2017 0   3  
Bright Light is a 4 track project that has been recorded in collaboration with the indie-folk band Speak, Brother where their acoustic storytelling style and nuanced performances have added greatly to the emotive tracks featured.
Music Review: The World's Favourite Hymns by Various
October 18, 2017 0   3  
These hymns are unceasingly loved by millions the world over. Filled with sweeping songs that have roused hearts and shaped faith for hundreds of years, these icon Hymns from across the generations are lovingly brought together in this resplendent 3 CD set, and includes such greats...
Music Review: We Belong by GAWVI
October 17, 2017 1   3  
The song delivers new meaning to the popular phrase ‘Godspeed,’ and as GAWVI tells it, “meaning to ‘level up’ and ‘God be with you’.” Packed with pounding drums, synths, and intricately layered instrumentation, the track reaffirms GAWVI as a musical hybrid with the chops to communicate an array of...
Music Review: Fearless by Jason Bare
October 16, 2017 1   3  
Jason Bare is no stranger to ministry in music. Through the years, while touring and leading worship for some of the largest ministries in the nation, his heart for leading others into the presence of God has continued to be his driving force, and it is apparent in every song on his...
Music Review: Nu Age Soul by Phil J.
October 12, 2017 1   3  
In 2012, his strong interest in becoming an artist became a growing reality. He released his first mixtape, "The Sponsor" and garnered a good bit of attention. Every since then, his growth has become evident as an artist. With every project he's released since then, they've all had different...
Music Review: Beatitudes by Various
October 07, 2017 0   3  
The project reveals a wide world of connected stories: real people from all faiths and walks of life who embody mercy, poverty, meekness, the hungry and thirsty, the peacemakers, the mourners, and the pure in heart—as seen, heard and experienced through a 21st century lens. Featured...
Music Review: Kat&Jared by Kat & Jared
September 29, 2017 1   3  
While the professionalism is undeniable and talent present in spades, what really resonates about Kat & Jared is their warmth. There is a light that shines, a genuine craving to spread heart and hope that emanates from every guitar lick and lyric. This is music that moves both the...
Music Review: Wow Gospel 2017 by Various
September 27, 2017 0   2  
The power packed compilation returns with the best Gospel praise anthems, ballads and radio hits of the year. The WOW Gospel 2017 double disc CD set features 31 tracks from legendary & ground-breaking gospel talents such as Donnie Mc-Clurkin, Kirk Franklin, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs, Erica...
Music Review: Reverse by Greg Sykes
September 23, 2017 2   3  
He has written hundreds of songs and several have been recorded by other artists. Greg's voice, songs, sense of humour and personality have a way of bringing people of all ages together through song and story. Vulnerable, worshipful and fun-loving, Greg is passionate about sharing the hope and life...
Music Review: There Is A Cloud by Elevation Worship
September 22, 2017 1   3  
Revival is rising. Faith is stretching. Hope is being restored. Echoing this spirit of Elijah, it is the prayer of Elevation Worship, with the release of their new live album 'There is a Cloud', that these songs will usher in a new season of revival in our hearts, in...
Music Review: Press by Garry Kean
September 17, 2017 0   3  
Garry has written and directed several musical stage productions and has written songs for contemporary recording artists such as Sierra, Acquire the Fire, Carried Away, Natalie Grant and a 20th Century Fox children’s animated video series, The Roach Approach. Albums by Garry are available on iTunes...
Music Review: Open Hands by Laura Story
September 15, 2017 1   3  
For fans of the heart-filled worship by artists such Kari Jobe or Philippa Hanna, Open Hands is an exciting new album that will help listeners grow in faith, and leave them hopeful for the future of worship.
Music Review: DJ Kirk by DJ Kirk
September 09, 2017 0   4  
DJ Kirk got his start working as a DJ in nightclubs, and as an on-air talent at Hot 97.5 Radio in Bismarck, ND. He was quickly recognized for his production, improvisation, live remixes, and high energy. Although he was emerging to become one of the leading DJ’s in the...
Music Review: Battles by Rita Springer
September 03, 2017 1   3  
BATTLES is a powerful reminder that we are never alone in our struggles. In Rita’s words, “The word battle creates imagery in our minds of a struggle for something or a fight against an opposing force. Ironically, we rarely hear the word battle and think automatically of the word...
Music Review: Wildfire  by Brooke and Boggs
September 01, 2017 1   3  
From Brooke & Boggs, the song is an opening statement of sorts--a preamble to the musical and thematic truths that guide Wildfire. Mixed in with the accessible, congregational sounds and brilliant harmonies lies a dedication to leading people to a meaningful encounter with God.
Music Review: The Garden by Kari Jobe
August 10, 2017 1   3  
It’s said for everything there is a season. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. One by one, we experience these seasons throughout our lives. Our souls grow dark and weary in the thick of winter, and just when we think we can’t endure another cold night, we recognize the first signs...
Music Review: Chain Breaker by Zach Williams
July 20, 2017 1   3  
“Chain Breaker” came from a place of wanting to “reach people who had been struggling,” says Zach, and it “speaks to believers as much as it does to non-believers because we all get to places in our lives where we get lukewarm, and we just kind of forget what...
438 results - showing 121 - 140
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