We love Christian Music and we want to show you that it'smore than Kumbaya sung around the campfire. Our reviews of the latest Christian Music covers the big well known names like Newsboys, Switchfoot, Matt Redman from labels like Sony, Capitol CCM, Sparrow, Authentic Media, Integrity and many more.

There are many voices that deserve to be heard and many unsigned artists too. So we aim to bring you the best spread of music in the Christian scene from around the world. Our reviews are unbiased and honest, whilst trying to see the good and encourage artists in their work and integrity and to make great music that shows Gods creativity in us.

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Music Review: Foreign vol 1 by Json
Json, the CEO of Lamp Mode Recordings, is a St. Louis-based emcee known for his transparency, gospel-centeredness, skill at his craft and longevity in the game.Whether the topic is parenting, sexual abuse or life in the hood, Json approaches real-life subjects with a soul-touching openness and authenticity. ...
Music Review: Heartbeat by Gateway Kids Worship
Heartbeat is the debut project from Gateway Kids Worship, the worship expression of Gateway Kids, the children's ministry of Gateway Church. Their teams lead worship every weekend across multiple campuses in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area for thousands of children every week. Their hope is that this album inspires...
Music Review: Gateway Worship Voices  by Gateway Worship
Gateway Worship Voices is a new brand that highlights the established and rising voices of Gateway Worship. This self-titled debut project celebrates the remarkable female worship leaders, worship pastors & artists that lead worship for over 35,000 members of Gateway Church and thousands more online every weekend .  ...
Music Review: I Owe You by Abi Jopson
I am a young, aspiring songwriter, who has had a love of all things musical ever since I was little. I started learning to play guitar during my teenage years and I love writing music. I have been singing with my dad since I can remember and he accompanies...
Music Review:  Hymns And Devotionals Unplugged by Nate Bean & 4given
Front man Nate Bean has dedicated many years to songwriting, arranging and providing vocals for countless projects and artists in Gospel, Country, Pop and Christian music including Carrie Underwood, Pharrell, Trace Adkins, and Little Big Town.  With his huge voice and even bigger personality, Nate Bean and his powerful group...
Music Review: Letters To Lost Loves by Tyson Motsenbocker
In North Central Washington State, Tyson Motsenbocker grew up in the apple orchards and pine forests at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It’s the pastoral sound of his childhood that has defined the sound of his music, even among the freeways and fast pace of his new Southern...
Music Review: Fearless (Live From DTI 2016) by Vineyard UK
Dreaming the Impossible (DTI) is the national Vineyard youth festival for the UK and Ireland. We’re passionate about seeing a generation of young people meet Jesus and fearlessly follow Him.
Music Review: God of Fireflies by Katy Kinard
"God of Fireflies" entwines the whimsical and the edgy parts of faith and love. The careful crafting of lyrics brings depth to subjects not often discussed and unique perspectives, like Jesus' life as a child "learning how to be human," and a true story (inspired from an article) depicting...
Music Review: Follow Through by Unspoken
Unspoken is a multi-cultural band comprised of four members: Chad Mattson (lead singer), Jon Lowry (bass) both from Maine, Mike Gomez (electric guitar) from the Dominican Republic, and Ariel Munoz (drums) from Puerto Rico. The group grew from a seed planted when Chad went to the Dominican Republic on...
Music Review: Travellers' Tales by  David Woodman
This album marks the 10th Anniversary of the release of my first EP: Travellers' Tales. The concept of the EPs was for them to be a way of presenting songs that I had written that were more performance-oriented than the congregational songs I usually produced, as...
Music Review: Love Takes Over Remix EP by Soul Survivor
A new sound for Soul Survivor, this Remix EP of tracks from their Love Takes Over album creates a unquiet CD of breakbeat sets which sample, twist, and flip the songs into fresh new creations. Remixed by Eikon, Willy Week, Goldtop, and This, these remixes are at the cutting...
Music Review: Live Worship From New Wine 20 Year Collection by Various Artists
This is a very special project that celebrates the last 20 Years of New Wine Worship. Featuring some of the best known worship songs out there and featuring an array of gifted worship leaders.
Music Review: Raising Questions by Matt JR Hurley
Singer/songwriter MATT JR HURLEY is a young man who has been through some trying situations in the last few years. He is also an honest person and his reflections on the challenges to, and the security of, his own faith are poetically captured in his songwriting.
Music Review: Ultimate Collection Kids Worship by Various Artists
Fifteen songs including brand new versions of Tim Hughes' "The Way," Martin Smith's "God's Great Dance Floor" and Rend Collective's "My Lighthouse," plus many more, comprise this exciting new collection of modern worship songs sung by the global church. They've all been moulded into high-energy explosions full of hand...
Music Review: Reflections by J Vessel
"My teenage years have been a massive learning experience. I have learnt so much navigating through life as a teenager. Whilst wrestling with concepts of faith, identity, self-worth and love, my perspective on life has changed so many times. I’ve looked for my reflection in other people and in...
Music Review: Old Friends by  David Woodman
Alongside his many years of experience as a worship leader and session musician, David has been performing as a solo singer-songwriter. This project, however, features a traditional 4-piece blues band consisting of David on vocals and electric guitar, veteran session bassist, Frank Brierley, prolific CCM producer Andy Green on keyboards and Woody Woodman...
Music Review: Hymns, Prayers and Invitations by Rick Lee James
Rick Lee James worship leader, a singer and songwriter, preacher, author, and Podcast host with over 15 years of experience in ministry. In Rick’s words, “I just want to be a part of bringing hope into the world. Not as one who is the light but...
Music Review: God-Breathed by  David Woodman, Andy and Wendy Green
The band is made up of Andy and Wendy Green and David Woodman. Over the last 20 years, the members have been involved in various projects and live events. They have worked with churches, Christian artists and record labels across the world.They are firmly rooted in their church family...
Music Review: Among The Gods by Stephanie Greaves
Stephanie Greaves is a Pastor who has been inspiring her flock for years. Now she is offering her first album, “Among the Gods,” to bring that same inspiration to the whole world. With songs of worship, uptempo beats and danceable rhythms, these are songs of redemption;...
Music Review: Awaken To Love by Ian Yates
It’s funny how the times when you feel that life is getting a bit bleak and desperate can be so close to the moments when God speaks the clearest. It’s in those dark nights that our vision becomes the sharpest.That was me eighteen months ago. ...
428 results - showing 281 - 300
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