Music Review: Your Love Pursues Me by Rob Eisner

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January 09, 2018
Music Review: Your Love Pursues Me by Rob Eisner

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I love your name
Your Grace
Take My Life (I Hold Nothing Back)
Have Your Way

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Rob's debut EP is titled 'Your Love Pursues Me' and features 6 songs recorded with producer Trevor Michael (Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Ian Yeats, New Wine, Soul Survivor).

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Your Love Pursues Me by Rob Eisner
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We have started off 2018 with some cracking albums that were released in 2017, but I am only now getting around to, and this 6-track EP from Rob Eisner looks to be another to add to the list. Originally I was going to meet up with Rob at Big Church Day Out where Rob had won a place on the Unsigned stage at that prestigious event, unfortunately I was unable to attend in the end. It was around this time that this EP was released and it feels like it was the right time.

Rob has been involved in church worship since the tender age of 11, he has even been part of a band called Broken State, he is also the worship team coordinator at his local church. It's not always the obvious step to launch into the world as a recording artist as well as a worship leader, but if you do then a good producer is essential, so teaming up with Trevor Michael was definitely a good step.

This EP starts off and the production effects are there to be seen in the first few seconds, arguably these songs possibly don't need any tricks and gimmicks to make you listen, but the stuttering musical start certainly makes you pay attention straight away! I love your name bashes your ear drums in it's opening before giving way to the lyrics with a humming bass filling out the background sounds. Rob has a voice that grabs your attention without you really realising it, he's got a nice rounded voice without having to strain at the notes and lyrics. "I Love Your Name" is an all-out worship track that sits quite nicely alongside the likes of Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and Ben Cantelon, it may even have a hint of Casting Crowns about it too!

"Arms" is a song, based on personal experience that many of us can relate to. "I have been hurt and I’ve been let down / I trap myself running in circles unable to find my way out / But you are the truth that I can rely on / You paid the highest of prices to save me and buy me my freedom." I know that I have had times like that. When he builds to the chorus, the reassurance that soars in this song is palpable through the vocal.

As I write this, and then listen to the next track I keep saying to myself 'this is my favourite track' for each one! "Your Grace" is a song that we desperately need in churches, we don't live up to Gods standard and never will, but we don't need to be ashamed. We just need to know that God loves us despite all those mishaps and mistakes, His grace is enough to cover it all. This song is a reminder of what God has done for us, and that God pursues us even through our darkest moments. As the track runs along with a wall of guitars and the drum beat let it wash over you, reminding you that God is inviting you back to him again and again. "Rescued" is the upshot of His grace, the experience of understanding the cost of freedom. This is a lighter track with a dubstep style chorus that took me a little by surprise on the first listen.

Sometimes there is a song that cuts right to the core of an issue and "Take My Life (I Hold Nothing Back)" is one of those. With some light guitars opening the track it doesn't prepare you for where this worship is going as Rob reminds us that God doesn't want a half-hearted worship. As we consider with Rob the elements of the communion table and the great cost associated here, he continues "You didn't die for me so I could live in comfort / Or so I could live a life of sin guilt free." With echoes of the hymn "Take My Life" this is, of course, a familiar song that we sometimes sing unthinkingly, this uncompromising view of the table and what is cost that Rob presents is quite the challenge! With that still reverberating around the brain, the next song is another invitation to Jesus to have all of us in "Have Your Way". This places perspective on what our life should be, with Jesus at the centre. So often our lives go out of kilter, life makes us wobble, but getting this perspective is helpful to redress the balance.

There are 6 songs, and each one hits home in our plight as we live this life. The challenge is that of real worship which is a full offering in full knowledge that it cost Jesus everything to give us the freedom to choose. Rob's voice is easy to listen to and carries his message well, the music is used brilliantly with just the right touch on each track. Sometimes it's like a wall coming towards you and you cannot miss the message it carries, other times it's a little more subtle. Whichever, Rob's vocal works wonderfully well with it all, and I am sure that there is more to come from this talented worship leader.

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