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Updated May 04, 2019
SoulBox - The Life (Lyric Video)

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C'est La Vie
The Life
Purpose (Interlude)
Falling In To You
Your Love
Jesus Freak (Interlude)
With You
The Real Thing Soulbox vs WWMT (Geek Boy Remix)

This cheeky trio from The Message Trust in Manchester, bring a blend of soul, rap and beatbox."Old school soul has been given a modern twist". With captivating beats, infectious melodies and personal stories of transformation, the SoulBox experience is not one to be missed!

They began in late 2016 as a duo with just Ben and Jon then in November 2017 released their first EP “So Good” which was recognized and added by many playlists some of which had up to 200,000 followers. Then in early 2018, third member Sammy joined the band and they began work on their first album “Your Love” which is being released in March 2019. Which is not an album you want to miss out on!

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Your Love by SoulBox
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Manchester-based band SoulBox released this debut full album in March this year. The band are part of The Message Trust and work as a mission team heading out into schools bringing music and message to the youth. It's not a new thing and the band actually pay homage to one of their predecessor bands in the last track on this album, but more of that later.

The band blend some rap, hip-hop, beat-box and soul styles to come to a good fresh sound which varies through the album mixing things up from one track to the next. The first track "C'est La Vie" is about being content with what we have, having peace and not chasing after material things. This is a track that talks about not needing those things because you've found something greater. It talks about "you're all I need for sure" but doesn't totally explain itself. As the band are Christian missions you can assume that it is talking about God but it's not explicitly mentioned.

"Boundaries" sets out to tackle the peer pressure and hormonal desire for sexual experimentation in relationships. There are two parts to this story and the couple are deciding to set boundaries on their relationship and how far they are willing to go if they want it to last. I like this song because it understands the desire, but it's also non-judgemental. Opening with a rap solo is "The Life" which slowly drops into more of a pop track and discusses life pushing God away before finally realising that the life isn't right and that eventually, it is better to surrender to the love of God (although again not explicitly stated). I was going to skip the interlude and not mention it, but actually, if you have the album have a listen to it, there is quite a lot in there!

"Falling Into You" is about the superficial pursuit of satisfying our desires in different ways, ultimately these do no satisfy and cannot compare to the depths to be found in falling in love with Jesus. This time it does mention the word Lord as the object of the song. This is confessed in a prayer of the seeker asking God to reveal Himself at a time when those pursuits are found meaningless. "Misfit" is a spoken-word that echoes some of these similar themes which hits home in a way that sometimes a fuller song cannot manage. This story will resonate with a lot of young people who feel like they don't fit in and it offers hope of acceptance in Jesus.

The title track "Your Love" is a joyful and upbeat track which vibrates with the joy of knowing Jesus and the love that He pours out on us. It's got a great vocal, acoustic backing and finger-snaps, it has a bit of a Bruno Mars sound to it. Then we have an interlude called "Jesus Freak" which again has quite a bit to it, especially when it seems like it's all gone off-script! Again the theme of fulfilment only in Jesus as He takes hold of our lives is key to "With You". This track is more electronica with lots of ambient effects at the slower chorus, the main rap verses flow nicely with some clever wordplay.

The early chapters of Genesis are mused on in "Perfection" as it charts the fall from how God made us, before bringing us back to the perfection of Jesus Christ and the option to believe in the cross. This includes a prayer of confession and repentance, which makes me wonder why they seemed a bit tentative about mentioning Jesus or God in some of the early tracks. They are mission team and it is only right that there is some form of appeal and response on this album.

The album rounds out with, as I mentioned at the beginning, a tribute to one of the early missions bands based in Manchester, UK, none other than the World Wide Message Tribe! This is a Geekboy remix of the SoulBox team doing "I've Got The Real Thing" and no they are not talking about a popular fizzy drink! It's a classic and I am glad they included it, even though I am probably out of SoulBox's target age range - I appreciated it!

So these 3 who make up this mission team have some great talent. The vocals are smooth and the rap is pleasant, most importantly the message of a world that ultimately doesn't satisfy, and a relationship with God that does take centre stage. The production from Geekboy keeps this whole thing tight and fresh apart from a couple of interludes which add a lot to this overall album. I believe that this will bring it's message home, especially to those who have experienced the team in their schools and have had the chance to get to know them in the school prior to their concert and buying this album. This band and ones of other genres are meeting a need in the schools for pastoral and PSE support so get behind them, stream their music, and most importantly pray for them!

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