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Updated October 16, 2018
Galactus Jack - Lay It Down ft. Philippa Hanna (Lyric Video)
Galactus Jack - I Got You ft. SoulBox (Official Video)

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Following up from the 2016 release UNIVERSAL and the Younger Days EP releases throughout 2017, the full Younger Days album is designed for the summer, an unashamed dance
record full of songs that are perfect for driving in the sunshine or partying with friends as the sun goes down, that speaks to faith, life and love.

The album features the summer pop anthems Lay It Down and On My Mind - featuring the talents of popular singer songwriter Philippa Hanna and evangelistic party starters Twelve24 respectively - as well as the Afro-inspired beats of Baba Oluwa and the laidback pop hit 100 featuring Dawn Elektra.

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Younger Days by Galactus Jack
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There is a certain feeling when you read the blurb about an album and your heart just drops! That just happened to me when I opened up this page and read the blurb I had put in above, this is an album "designed for the Summer", well writing this in mid-October as we have just been assaulted by storm Callum means that perhaps I am a little out of sync! Having said that, there may be a summery feel to the album as a whole but parts of this were released as EPs last year with the last one being released in December '17, so perhaps it isn't so weather dependent after all! Galactus Jack works with The Message Trust in Manchester which is a evangelistic organisation and this album acts as a great crossover between standard EDM and the Christian message. With so many dance elements having worked their way into worship music in recent years this brings a nice change to the scene having something more approachable for those who enjoy EDM but may not 'get' the worship side, especially those experiencing church music for the first time.

"Younger Days" balances the music and the message so that there is nothing too heavy and there are a couple of tracks that are solely instrumental and electro themes. The first track "Beginnings" is one of those, while there are some lyrics in "82" they are very much part of the mix which features Geek Boy. Collaborations are key on this album and most of the tracks have additional credits for a surprisingly diverse range of artists. I've already mentioned Geek Boy, but this album also features Meg Latham, Twelve24 (now known as Social Beingz), Soul Box, Philippa Hanna, Joel McKerrow, Dawn Elektra, Pa-Jero, Ad-Apt, Roberto Rosso and Jonathan Ogden from Rivers and Robots. So that is quite an impressive list, and if I am honest this is quite an impressive album! As someone not heavily into EDM as personal taste I never felt out of my depth which is always a good thing.

Just because there is solid music does not mean that the lyrics and vocals are forgotten at all, that's why there are so many great guest artists included. "New Horizon" frames the changes that we experience when we understand the freedom that we have in Christ as believers which gives us new horizons, no longer trying to overcome life's struggles in our own limited strength. You cannot miss the drop that comes on "On My Mind" which focuses on the way that when you hear about Jesus you cannot get Him out of your head, this is a track that expresses Holy Spirit conviction! Working with Philippa Hanna is a great way to bring a quality vocal to your work and "Lay It Down" does just that. It's also definitely the most summery of the tracks on the album, it's about freedom and when getting down the ability to worship God.

The title track, "Younger Days" features some spoken word of Joel McKerrow with an absolutely brilliant look at the loss of innocence that we face as we grow up, and so as we get older our view of God changes from loving Father that we trust to someone looking to punish us for our mistakes. We need to reclaim the viewpoint and faith of our younger days. This may be one of the shortest track on the album, but I understand why it is the title track, because it is totally central to our outlook and view of faith. "100" then expands on what it means to trust God completely, that it's relying on God and loving him with 100% of what we have. "Baba Oluwa" brings a Nigerian feel to the album, featuring Pa-Jero, this song praises Father God and also includes some different instrumental sounds in the mixes. The track "LionHeart" reminds me of the band 29th Chapter in the way that the lyrics are paced and put together. The album bows out with the track "Don't Let Go" which features Jonathan Ogden which is basically a worship song, but at this point of the album it works very well.

This is a strong album with some great collaborations on it and the range of tracks is actually quite impressive, taking you from the highs of an all out dance track to a slower and much more contemplative sounds, some times in the space of the same song. There are some great shades of the EDM style here and Galactus Jack has put together a great album which even though it was released as three separate EPs work well all bonded together.

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