Music Review: You Are Strong by Matt Littlejohn Band

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Updated February 02, 2018
Music Review: You Are Strong by Matt Littlejohn Band
You Are Strong - Official Lyric Video

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Rising Up
You Never Leave Us
You Are Strong

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“Our desire as a band is to simply make Jesus known. Through these songs of worship, we believe that can and will happen. We want to challenge ourselves and encourage others to become the worshipers that God wants us to be. We love Jesus. We love music. And we love to share both!” 

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You Are Strong by Matt Littlejohn Band
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The Matt Littlejohn Band are from Alabama and formed back in 2011 when they also released their first EP called "Greater Is He". It's taken them 6 years to get around to recording a second project, this 4 track EP "You Are Strong". All the members of the band regularly lead worship in their churches and Matt himself has been a worship pastor for over 10 years. The band have played many local churches and Summer Camps, and their desire is to share both their love for Jesus and music.

Guitars and clapping opens up "Rising Up" along with Matts vocal. Despite being quite an upbeat worship track, the overall feel is very flat, there seems to be very little separation between the instruments, and having listened to the rest of the recording, I think it's fair to say that is the case throughout this EP. This is more about production than the actual talent.

The four songs themselves are actually quite earnest in their worship desire. They aren't going to set the world alight or redefine the industry, but with the right mix they would be tracks that you could probably find yourself singing along too. As it is the lyrics and vocals get lost, particularly in the first couple of tracks. "You Never Leave Us" is a little different, at times there seems to be a bit more space in the softer moments, and you can hear that Matt's voice isn't bad, but it gets swallowed in the guitars, even in this track as it builds up. It's a shame because this is a personal and positive song about God's faithfulness.

Again with "You Are Strong" with the keys backing things there is space to hear the vocals, but as soon as the guitars kick in it gets lost. It's a shame because I like this song, it's clear and confident message which are similar to "You Never Leave Us".

As well as production change, they should consider having something extra vocally to back Matt's voice. As a whole in these four tracks it all sounds a little too similar, the guitars are good, but too much and it can easily all sound too much like one track. I think these guys do have something, but maybe they need to consider where and how they use the instrumentation in the mix? With more post production this album probably would have scored higher, but that sound just doesn't allow the listener to really hear the heart of the song.

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