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Updated January 03, 2019
Overcome-Jeremy Gibson(Official Lyric Video)
Jeremy Gibson (Live) No Other Name

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"Worthy Of It All" is an album of reminiscent gospel-pop with a refreshing taste of progressive-rock. The truths told are timeless and poetic as they illuminate the listener to the light of Christ.

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Worthy Of It All by Jeremy Gibson
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This is the first album after signing to Dream Label Group for Jeremy Gibson, allowing him to take his music to a wider audience. Jeremy has been working as a Worship Leader and also self producing his own albums for a number of years and, as such, is very comfortable in his own style. He draws influence from and comparison to the likes of Rich Mullins and Keith Green and his desire is to inspire God's people to a lifestyle of worshipping God.

The first track on the album is one of a few live tracks that were recorded at Jeremy's home church, Calvary Baptist in Easton PA. Immediately it feels like a song that is being used in their worship there and there is a warmth and a comfort to it as although the focus is on the lead vocals, it is clear the congregation are also singing the song. The song "How Wonderful" is about the the reach of God's wonderful love, this track echoes some well known Psalms like Ps 139 which talks about God knowing us in the womb. Although this track talks about us, it is very definitely a track that is 100% about how God loves us and a worship song about His greatness and provision for us. "Victory" is an upbeat song that reminds us of the promise that God makes all things new, regardless of our situation we can choose to live in victory, however it is made very clear that it is only through Jesus' death that this is possible.

The title track is one of the tracks that have been recorded in a studio and the warmth continues through the vocal and backing. Unsurprisingly, given the title of this track, this is about how God is "Worthy Of It All". It's not just about God being worthy of praise and worship, but worthy of the surrender of our whole lives to Him. He talks about everything that God has done, raising the dead, holding the world in His hands etc, so who are we to withhold our praise?

Sometimes I find that praise and worship music these days centres on us and our reaction to God, but Jeremy's album is a refreshing change because there is absolutely no doubt that the centre and focus of all the attention is God. Many of the tracks feel like revised Psalms, clearly he has frequently borrowed from them, but at the same time has come with something original. "Canvas" is one of these tracks, it's one of a few that benefits from having an additional vocalist, in this case it's Mia Lazar who does an excellent job of bringing these words of worship to life.

We head back to the warmth of the live vocal for the next track "The Lord Is Good" which is a song that, once again, feels like a Psalm (Psalm 2 to be precise). As he asks "Why do the nations rage?" it sounds like a song for right now written with our current world situations in mind. This reminds us that no matter what is happening on the wider world stage that God is Sovereign and we should celebrate the Lord's goodness. Sticking with the live recording Jeremy hands the leading vocal to Susan Leigh Davis for a fantastic reminder of the awesomeness of our God in "Who Is Like The Lord Our God". The next track is a new arrangement of an old hymn that I haven't heard for some time and I love the fresh sound that Jeremy gives it. "Rock of Ages" uses some gentle backing and I am not sure if this was a live song as it is not marked as such, but it feels like one!

Talking of hymns, there is a definite hymn quality to the next track, "In His Temple" has an amazing depth of writing and worship. It's a very measured song which once again reminds us that no matter what happens around us, the Lord is in His temple and we can cling to his promises. Every so often there is a song that just takes your breath away and "Overcome" is definitely one of those for me. There is a gentle balance of the first part being sung by Jeremy, before Gileah Taylor continues the verse, calling us to consider Jesus lying in the tomb waiting for the light to break in so the glory of Jesus conquering death can break out into our world. This is just an amazing song and it's definitely my favourite on this album. The last track on the album is an odd one. It's called "O Christ, Save Me" and it's adapted by Gileah Taylor from "Diary of an Old Soul" by George MacDonald. It's got a haunting feel to it as it puts us into the position of a sheep seeking safety with the Shepherd. This is an unexpected ending to the album, but I do like it.

If you are looking for something that is very much about worshipping God for who He is and looking at a life of worship despite our sometimes bad circumstances then this is a worship album for you. There is something about this that feels slightly out of time, it's not the tunes or the music, and it is hard to put my finger on what it is. Jeremy as a great warmth to his voice and I am really glad that this collection is being released to a wider audience, I think the local church that enjoys his talents as a Worship Leader is very blessed and I am glad that this blessing can be shared amongst the body of Christ worldwide. If you are looking for some passionate, God-centred worship then I cannot recommend this album highly enough!

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