Music Review: Worthy by The Impact

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Updated January 13, 2018
Music Review: Worthy by The Impact
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I Won't Fear
All I Need
Joy Is You
Surrendering All
Closer & Closer
My Prayer

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The Impact is a movement who's focus is on creating an experience where young people are able to encounter Jesus through Praise and Worship in a way they never have before.

The Impact began as a youth worship team in Las Vegas NV. After having a divine encounter with Jesus at a youth camp they were hosting with their church Word of Life Christian Center, Jeffrey (lead guitar/founder) had a vision from God about branching out of the worship team into The Impact. Jeffrey received the vision of seeing teenagers and young adults encountering Jesus in similar ways as he just had, through Praise and Worship. He wanted to see freedom restored that had been lost and see others achieve dreams that they had thought to be too big or impossible. To give them encouragement and motivation to push through the trials that come in this life by replacing the feeling of defeat with the feeling of joy, peace and faith in Christ Jesus.

“We want to see the Holy Spirit flow through praise & worship. It's only through Gods presence that these lives can be set free and that is what we believe our calling is, to help them get to that place where they can stand in faith and believe that Jesus is who he says he is. ”

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Worthy by The Impact
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Sticking with their convictions has been a hard road for "The Impact". They have recorded various tracks before in the form of a couple of releases, but this was a big ask. Having the opportunity to record a 'live' album at the well known Sound House in Redding. Not surprisingly other groups that have recorded there include many of the Bethel and Jesus Culture artists. In order to get the money to do this recording they took to to ask fans to help them raise the money, and they managed to exceed the target and "Worthy" started to become a reality.

As the information above says, The Impact was born out of a desire for teens and young adults to experience Jesus in a very real way. From this was birthed The Impact, not as a band specifically, but as a worship event where people would leave having had an encounter with God through the worship. Since then the event has become a movement with the same desire, to impact people with a real encounter with Jesus and this album is another way of doing that.

There are some strong elements through the album musically. The drum loops on a couple of these early tracks lead us into the worship. Particularly in the early part of the album “I Won’t Fear” and “Joy Is You” use this, but the songs themselves are different enough. With many of these tracks there is a nice layering, often the guitars are understated, and the vocal blends sit nicely on top. For some tracks and particularly the opening track the female vocal with a male backing works brilliantly.

“All I Need” uses a vocal “Oh-oh-oh-oh” which is echoed brilliantly through the chorus, giving a very catchy hook as they sing “Your love is all I ne-ee-ee-eed”. There is something special about “Overtaken”, as the vocals convey an experience of God’s love and peace in worship, and the special place that takes us away from the fears of the world, bringing us face to face with our Saviour.

"Contagious" picks up the pace with a dance number, once again looking at Christ's love and the natural response to Him, which is contagious. This dance number has enough depth to it to listen to, and plenty of beat to get up on your feet with as well. I could see this track going down very well with fans of Hillsong Young & Free.

After the dance number dies away there are a couple of more reflective tracks, “Surrendering All” and “Worthy”, the title track. “Worthy” is one of those tracks that starts fairly simple but as the track continues the complexity of the backing builds up – for me this was a little overwhelming of the vocal. At the end of the track it cuts back to just simple piano keys being played one at a time.

“Closer and Closer” is one of the weaker tracks on this album when considered lyrically. It’s a heart-outpouring and that is why it is simple, but it lacks the dynamic longing that this type of song feels like it requires. “Restless” surprises as a standard worship track takes on more of a rock feeling as the synths kick in and the powerful female vocal takes on a different element. This expresses the passion that was missing on the previous track!

“Belong” and “My Prayer” are both fairly simple sounding tracks which are mainly backed by guitar and both sound like something that might be picked up in smaller youth groups where you have someone who can pick out these chords on the guitar. The guitar work on the recordings though is far from simple and just listening to that, particularly on “Belong” is something special. Some of these tracks do suffer from a bit too much effect on the guitars and “My Reward” is one of those tracks because the effect encroaches on the vocal, making it hard to distinguish.

Overall, this is a good effort for a debut! I often avoid picking a favourite track on an album, but for me there are two tracks here that stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are “Joy Is You” and the dance track “Contagious” both of which sound like songs from much more experienced and well-financed artists.

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