Music Review: #Worship One Thing Remains by Various

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December 04, 2015
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Music Review: #Worship One Thing Remains by Various

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He Is Risen
Amazing God
One Thing Remains
Our God Is Mercy
How Great Is Our God
Love Came Down
Christ Is Risen Indeed
Hear The Sound
Glorious Life
This Is My Worship
Wonderful Saviour

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The hashtag is a trademark social media sign which often accompanies tweets or Facebook messages in order to draw together a global conversation on a common topic.

#WORSHIP is a brand new series which brings together current and contemporary songs of worship written by some of the finest writers in the world today.

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#Worship; One Thing Remains
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This is the latest in the #worship series of releases from elevation music. This is a compilation of some great worship songs that have been written by some of the most well known worship leaders of the current generation. One thing to mention at this point though before you get your hopes up too much, these are cover versions of the songs that you know and love and not recordings by the original artists. I guess that is why the rather humble RRP of £7.99.

I re-wrote that opening paragraph a number of times because I don't want to suggest that music company is trying to trick you into buying this album. On the front of the album it gives you a list of some of the great songs that are included on this release, and on the back it points out that it "features songs written by...".I have seen some albums like this in the past, particularly in the cheap older compilation market, where everything suggests original artist tracks, only to find out it's some poor imitation cover. These tracks are good quality recordings with some good vocal work from the artists who go unnamed in the sleeve notes.

The songs included on this compilation aren't the most cutting edge of releases, but then you wouldn't expect that. Instead we have good, established worship songs that have a lot to say about God and our reaction to Him and His presence in our lives. "He Is Risen" not to be mistaken for "He Has Risen", the songs aren't THAT old! This is the Graham Kendrick composition from 2013, but it isn't one of my favourite tracks. There are some great tracks on this album, some of which have been all but forgotten in some churches because they have been around for a few years and there is a constant supply of 'new' songs from worship leaders, groups and churches. One of these tracks is "How Great Is Our God" which was used a lot in a church that I used to worship in. It doesn't feel like that song has been around since 2004, but at the same time I know that I haven't sung it in church for a while. The last track on the album is from 2003 (even older) but it's the fantastic "Facedown", written by Matt Redman. This is a song that I love, but I don't think I have ever sung it in a church service for some reason!

This album offers good value, but as you would expect, there is little originality. The songs are fairly straight-forward and there isn't much in the way of arrangement to speak of. This has a positive flip-side that there is nothing to confuse you or throw you off. After all there's just nothing worse than being caught out by a different arrangement when singing at the top of your voice.

Overall this is a great value collection of tracks, but it's your decision whether you would rather get these tracks by the original artist from iTunes or similar and pay a little bit more or just slam this disc in your CD player.


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