Music Review: Wildfire by Fuse

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November 03, 2017
Music Review: Wildfire by Fuse
FUSE - " Wildfire" (Live Session)

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Every Mountain
Just Like You Did
No Greater Love

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Fuse is the worship youth ministry of NewSpring Church, a growing, vibrant church with multiple locations all over the state of South Carolina. NewSpring exists to reach people far from God and teach them to follow Jesus step by step. From stage to studio, we want to passionately declare God's glory and goodness to the world! It's our desire that when people listen and sing along, they will encounter Jesus, and the hope He offers. We hope that this music exposes you to the freedom and life that can be found in Jesus.

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Wildfire by Fuse
(Updated: November 03, 2017)
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This is the second EP in the last few weeks called "Wildfire". This is going under the name of Fuse and the band is the worship team from a youth / student ministry out of NewSpring Church which operates a number of ministries in South Carolina. This is a 6-track EP that captures something of the worship that you might expect at one of these events.

The first thing that strikes me as I listen to "The Evidence" is the scriptural integrity of the track. Not many people putting out music to students dip into the Biblical idea of faith as described in the book of Hebrews 11v1. This track is about the believers confidence in the things that God says about us, we can believe with faith - even though we don't necessarily understand it. Musically this takes some electronic elements that remind me of that early Mario music that used to accompany 8-bit computer games. "Wildfire" uses a more atmospheric use of the synths, at least initially, as the song continues we have a more obvious intrusion into the listening experience. I do like the song, but I have to say I prefer the version that is on the live session video which is above.

"Shadows" is the first song on the album that sounds a little more rounded. It's still got those electronic dance elements, this song references the things that get in the way of our path the shadows that make it hard to see where we should be going and what we should be doing. This song has a positive message of overcoming those things, but also feels like it has a beginning, middle and an ending - something that seems to have eluded some of the other tracks! Getting the balance between the lyrical input and the dance nature of the song is always a tough call and as with most things how you feel about it is a subjective thing. I think "Shadows" probably still heads a little too much to the lyrics and "Every Mountain" probably strikes a better balance.

The slow atmospheric build for "Just Like You Did" is a nice change and the different style of vocal through the beginning of the track certainly makes this sound very distinct. With the previous discussion in mind, this track heads into the lyrical territory rather than the dance element, and for this song it is definitely the right choice. I think I would like to also hear this without the electronica in more of a natural acoustic style. "No Greater Love" is a nice simple number, a great female vocalist makes this sound right particularly in the opening repetitive section of the track but as the track winds on I got frustrated waiting for it to get to it's point. Unfortunately it never seems to really get there, the chorus in the middle doesn't seem quite enough to counter the previous repetitive wording. What is really odd is the way that the EP includes a short bit of talking which doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the album, it's not something you can easily skip either as it's at the end of "No Greater Love". This is obviously by design, but I think if I were listening to the album I would probably skip the last track altogether.

There are some flashes of some brilliant worship songs here on this EP, sadly they are marred by a little too much of a desire to chase a dance feel on this release. Perhaps they should have come at these songs with a more organic and natural sound? If they had done that, then it's likely that a number of these songs could be taken up and used across churches around the world, unfortunately as it is these are unlikely to be heard of because the electronica is too interfering. Having said all of this it is an album that has a strong message of positivity that needs to be heard in a negative world today. Keep going guys, the core strengths are there for this EP.

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