Music Review: Wide Open Space by LIFE Worship

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Updated September 29, 2016
Music Review: Wide Open Space  by LIFE Worship

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Wide Open Space (Live)
Fortress (Live)
Closer (Live)
My Saviour Still (Live)
Kingdom Come (Live)
He Is Alive (Live)
Love Let Loose (Live)
Hope to Hold (Live)
With Me Always (Live)
Nothing Here Is Broken (Live)
Cast Myself Completely (Live)
Holy (Live)

Wide Open Space is the follow up to the charting Life Worship album Dance Again, which included the global worship song "We Believe”. Dance Again reached number one on the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart, made it into the Top 40 of the main UK album chart and peaked at No. 7 in the independent album charts (Official Charts Company Approved).

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Wide Open Space
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If you like your worship blended with some Electro Dance Music then quite possibly this will be an album from you. "Wide Open Space" starts with a kicking drum rhythm in the title track of the album. The idea behind these songs is about having the faith to step into the dreams that God has for us, stepping into the wide open space that God has for us.

Much of the album is swelling electronic sounds with the accompanying drums and some fairly heavy bass. Even when the drums are not as prevalent they are always there quite heavy in the background. Some of these songs feel like they have more content than they actually do. "Fortress" for example is over 6 minutes long but there is not a huge amount of content to fill this time.

When the drums are pulled back and the vocals are given the opportunity to shine there are some good vocalist contributing to these tracks. "Closer" is an excellent example, as initially the song is pared right back until after the first verse and chorus then the heavy drum drops back into the track. This particular track mostly works well as the track comes to a crescendo - the only difficulty is that as it builds the vocal gets lost in the mix until everything is dropped back again to show the vocal and a choral backing.

It is the tracks with the female vocals, "Closer" and "With Me Always" that to me seem to stand out the most. "With Me Always" is a beautifully haunting track and although much slower than anything else on the album it is probably my favourite. That's not to say the men's vocals are bad - there is certainly more variety in the guy's songs, but then they have the lead vocal on many more tracks on this album.

If I am picking favourites the dance tune of "Love Let Loose" is definitely another great track if this is your type of worship then this will have you up and bouncing around, it's the sort of song that you just can't help to feel happy listening to. The lyrics aren't deep, but the whole words and feel of the song really bring to light the inexplicable joy of the knowledge that God loves you.

Some of the mixes could be a little different they could possibly tone down the drums and raise the vocals - but most of them are still clear enough with out straining the ears! If Rend Collective started to do EDM worship then I am sure that this album is something like what you would expect them to come up with. I think possibly there could be a little more depth in some of the lyrics, but there is plenty here as a new collection of songs that will undoubtedly appeal to the younger generation.

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