Music Review: Vulnerability by Pyramid Park

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January 03, 2018
Music Review: Vulnerability by Pyramid Park
PYRAMID PARK - The Unexplained [Official Video]

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The Unexplained
Born To Be Brave
Lead Me
Fall On Me
Day And Night
Caught In The Depths
Father Father
The Voice

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Pyramid Park is the new artist name of Cambridge based songwriter Pete McAllen. The PYRAMID PARK debut album Vulnerability was released on 8th September 2017 with critical acclaim. PYRAMID PARK write catchy alternative/ indie pop songs that help the listener worship.

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Vulnerability by Pyramid Park
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Wow! What a difference a couple of years makes in someone's journey! You may not be familiar with Pyramid Park, but this is the new direction for an artist that we have featured previously on One Man In The Middle. Pete McAllen waited over 10 years to record his first album as a solo artist, but now just 2 years later he's back but with a new name and retaining some of the best elements of his debut and building in maturity and production for this album, "Vulnerability".

The album starts with a meaty sounding and bass heavy guitar track "Unexplained" which investigates the mysteries of the God that we love. This builds up in the chorus as it looks at the idea of our lives with mountain high and valley low, that God is still there. This feels like something that Martin Smith might have put together in his days shortly after Delirious? which is a big compliment to Pete's development and his vocal in this style. There's a funky feel to "Born To Be Brave" which is totally different from the feel of "Unexplained" which shows that this album is definitely not going to be boring. This is just a catchy track which is literally about getting involved in life, not hiding away and being yourself.

"Lead Me" is an atmospheric track of surrender and worship which is a little slower than our opening tracks. With a bit more emphasis on the electronic sounds, but it's a track about being lost in following the Son, and just giving God everything in worship. It's a regular theme in worship, but I don't think I have ever heard it expressed like this. This brings us to "Vulnerability" which keeps the atmospheric feels and slows the pace down a little more, and keeps this idea of being lost in worship, but an acknowledgement that to do this everything has to be stripped back. We have to come before God and allow ourselves to be absolutely open and vulnerable before the holy God. This is just an absolutely beautiful track which opens up so much of what worship should be about, beyond the lyrics, the show or anything else. Ultimately, worship is me in the most vulnerable position, no masks, no bravado, no hype, just my heart laid bare, and yet comforted and comfortable in this moment before God. Just...Wow!

Where some of the tracks previously have been about the state of our worship, the track "Hills" is more an actual song of worship. Taking the well known Psalm 121 as the inspiration this track gives an edgy worship feel, maybe not quite something that would be played in church, but definitely it's a worship song for the listener and the performer. "Mesmerised" fits with "Lead Me" and "Vulnerability" and brings us back into that place of worship where we are lost in that moment. Pete's voice is brilliantly backed with a female vocal which lifts the lyrics beautifully.

"Day and Night" has a really catchy and simple chorus which echoes through your head long after the song is over! While the chorus is simple the verses really show, like many of these tracks, a real depth. There are not too many worship cliches found on this album, and when they do appear they are normally explored thoroughly and poetically to give those statements context.

There is a lot going on in every track on this album. There are so many great tracks, some that will really bring you to a place where you reconsider some elements of worship that you have known but have forgotten. Sometimes it takes something like this album to remind us, or to strip certain things away that we have got used to. This isn't a worship album, it's a strong indie / pop album, but many of the tracks are about our communion with God and the nature of God himself. This is a confident and mature album, it's lyrically brilliant and the music works well with Pete's voice, it certainly starts to fulfil the potential that I saw in Pete's debut album. I think I will be listening to this many more times and I know that I will discover more in each track as I do so!

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