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October 03, 2015
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Unbroken Praise from Matt Redman
Matt Redman - Unbroken Praise (Available June 16)
Matt Redman - Unbroken Praise (Live/Lyrics And Chords)

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It Is Well With My Soul
Unbroken Praise
Abide With Me
King Of My Soul
Song In The Night
No One Like Our God
The Awesome God You Are
No Longer
Majesty Of The Most High

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Unbroken Praise is the twelfth worship album from Matt Redman. Recorded live at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, with an audience of 300 worship leaders, it features tracks co-written with other UK and international songwriters.

Matt Redman is one of the world's leading worship songwriters, whose songs are sung each week in thousands of churches worldwide. His intimate, accessible and relevant songs have been inspiring praise since he began leading worship at Soul Survivor at the age of 15, under the leadership of Mike Pilavachi.

On Unbroken Praise, as with his previous albums, he has written a collection of songs which communicate God's timeless truth, and are musically fresh and engaging.

Abbey Road, 'the most famous recording studio in the world', has been host to some of music's biggest names, like Pink Floyd, Ella Fitzgerald and, of course, The Beatles. On Unbroken Praise, Matt Redman and his band have transformed the studios to capture the spirit of a live worship experience.

The cover art echoes the famous Abbey Road sign, and features signatures from everyone who made the album possible: songwriters, musicians, producers, technicians, and many more.

About the album, Matt says, "Unbroken Praise reveals a heart not wanting to be beaten down by the things of life, but to actually increase worship in those moments."

Matt Redman's previous album, 'Your Grace Finds Me', debuted at number one on the Soundscan Christian Music Chart. He has written some of the world's most well-known worship songs, like 'Better Is One Day', 'Undignified', 'You Never Let Go' and 'Bless The Lord (10,000 Reasons)', which won him two Grammy awards.

Has written a number of books on worship, including 'Facedown' and 'The Unquenchable Worshipper'.

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Hymns Ancient Made Modern
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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I guess it must be every recording artists dream to do one album that is recorded at the iconic Abbey Road studios. If this was a dream of Matt's then he has achieved it with this album being recorded as live worship with an audience of 300 worship leaders in attendance. I am not sure about the need to record an album like this in somewhere like Abbey Road particularly, and I must confess I am not sure what was the point of having an audience as they are only heard once or twice on the album. The cynical side of me questions whether it was more of a marketing ploy than a genuine musical reason that led to this decision. Now to put the cynic to bed and get on with the rest of this review.

I hope putting the cynic away hasn't affected how I feel about these tracks, but I really do like this album. I am not sure that there is any particular track that is as strong as 10,000 Reasons but there are some that are certainly growing on me. "Unbroken Praise" is one of the obvious ones. Simple, easy to sing along to, and it burrows into your mind so that you find yourself humming it to yourself and after a while singing bits of the chorus. This surely is what a good praise song is about. It's an upbeat song of celebration with a rededication of our lives to worshipping God not just in the song but in our lives with the dramatic emphasis being given to the lines;
"So let my deeds out run my words, and let my life outweigh my songs", certainly a challenge!

In other places on this album it is clear to see that Matt has been taking inspiration from the hymn books. There is a nod to "Abide With Me" in the song with the same title, but the two songs are very different, but it's hard to read those words without thinking of the classic hymn. In other places he has reworked a couple of choruses from hymns. Matt sings of the things that we have been brought through, and as we face more of life's battles we can still declare that "It Is Well With My Soul". Another take on an old refrain finds its way on to the album in the form of Isaac Watts' "At The Cross" which opens the track "No Longer I". Where "It Is Well" is used as a chorus, this track is more based on elements of the tune, but it is skillfully woven together to make a soaring declaration that we are no longer our own people, but Christ lives in us,

There are 11 tracks on this album and few of them are forgettable, if I had the time and I thought you had the patience I really could pick out excellent parts of each track. My only slight criticism, aside from my cynical views expressed earlier, is that a couple of the tracks sound similar to ones that have gone before. It's inevitable in such a career and even then it's not entirely unwelcome.

If you are looking for some new worship songs for your personal worship, or you are looking for something for corporate worship then this should be finding it's way into your CD or digital music collection!

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