Music Review: Twelve:One - Dave Miller Live from Trent Vineyard by Dave Miller

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Updated May 13, 2019
Endless Praises - feat. Dave Miller [live from Dreaming The Impossible 2018]

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“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship.”

This exciting new album is one that has its roots in this verse, sharing songs of surrender to Jesus and the purposes of God, filled with prayers of commitment to his Kingdom and his cause, whatever the implications.

These songs will inspire the church into intimate, humble and courageous responses to God, with songs that provide language for a revived church to say that we are committed to living surrendered to God, whatever the cost.

Worship is grounded in a surrendered life. It is living our whole lives for him. That is the story of Twelve:One.

Dave Miller is the worship pastor at Trent Vineyard where he serves locally as well leading worship nationally at Vineyard events. Dave also leads occasionally at other national gatherings such as David’s Tent, Open Doors UK and Naturally Supernatural.

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Twelve:One by Dave Miller
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If you have been around the Vineyard movement much in the last few years the chances are that you have seen Dave at one of the conferences, or even sung some of his songs in your church. Although playing as a lead worshipper in his home church, Trent Vineyard for some time and gaining recognition for his songs across the movement, this is his debut full-length album. Recorded at his home church, this album of live worship has a main theme of surrender, letting God have His way in our lives. The album gets it's main inspiration and name from Romans 12v1 which tells us to "offer ourselves as living sacrifices because this is true and proper worship."

The album opens with "Endless Praises" which is a co-write for Dave. This song focuses on the centre of the Gospel message, the cross and a celebration of Christ pouring out his life and love in that place. This sets the album off on a good course because although the cross is not the only reason for worship, it is the only reason that we are able to approach the throne of God in worship. "King of Love" is about us remembering that Jesus is always enough for us, no matter what issues we face, Jesus love is constant. This song pulls in a couple of parable references of the Good Shepherd and the Prodigal Son, showing us how much God went to in order to bring us back to Him. This track starts off quite slowly and it felt a little weak in the first section as I was expecting something a little more powerful in presentation, but as it builds up this track becomes incredibly singable, particularly with the final bridge which has a solid and easy melody. Why can we trust in the love of Jesus so strongly? That is because we have a "Sovereign God" who holds everything in His hands.

There are elements of surrender in each of the songs so far on the album, but it is in "I Give My All" where we start to see the boldness of it. Here we celebrate again the cross and then reflect that because of this God deserves everything we have, not just our money or time, but us willingly submitted to His plan for our lives and to see His glory, for His purpose and His name alone. When we come to the cross in that attitude we can surrender not only our lives, but we can also surrender our burdens and worries. God truly is  "God of Freedom" so when we surrender our cares to Him, He is more than enough to lift us up. More than that God stands over our lives and as we worship Him we see that He holds our victory in His hands, which is the message of "Praise The Lord (Victory in His Hands)". This song would compliment and fit well before "Fight My Battles" because most of the song is just praising God. His victory for us is almost like a small aside in this track and rightly so because the praise belongs to Him anyway regardless of His desire to show Himself victorious in our circumstances.

"Great Are You Lord (Lifting You Higher)" is a track from a couple of years ago that I have certainly heard in other places. It has been recorded before by Vineyard Worship and released on the album "All My Love" which was recorded at the Vineyard Youth Conference. In this new recording, it is one of the times when we do hear the crowd actually joining in with the worship. "All For You" may also be a familiar track which gently reminds us that our willing surrender is not for reward in this life, we have to risk looking foolish for the sake of our faith - and anyone who has ever spoken up against injustice on a Biblical principle will know this feeling!

Surrender isn't a passive thing, it can be a posture of worship on your knees or on your face, but it should also be listening and moving forward in God's direction to fulfil His purpose. It is this that "For Your Cause" emphasises, that our surrender is moving into the things of God more. "Fill Us Again" is just the refrain from one of the songs featured on a 2017 live album, but this works so well, and it shows the different ways that the Spirit comes in the Bible, fire, flood, wind and dove as expressions of His touch on believers. The next track is another co-write called "Be Exalted" and on the album this is turned over to one of the co-writers to perform, namely Kat Regester. This song is about God taking the little that we can offer and using it to show and magnify His glory. Our works should never be for our own glory, if they are things that are seen publically it is not for our greatness, but instead to point the way to Jesus.

Dave is back on the mic for "Falling At Your Feet" which once again is a co-write with Kat and Jonny Bird. This is the first song that brings us to the posture of worship and surrender. To be on our knees and humble before God. There are different places and postures of prayer and worship, on our faces, knees, standing, sitting in victory and boldly approaching the throne, but this is the submission and surrender before God which is kneeling at the feet of Jesus. "I Am Yours" is another of Dave's tracks that will be familiar for many. This track is one final glorious surrender to God, surrender in the world is not a joyful song, but in Christ and for Christ, it is a thing of great positivity and beauty.

Although this album was recorded live, there are some tracks where you wouldn't know that it was the case at all. Other tracks do feature some corporate worship and there is one track that featured a bit of clapping. A lot of the album lacks the live atmosphere that makes a record like this feel more organic and like collective worship. This album doesn't stray too far in its style from a fairly standard modern worship set. Having said that this is an album that does a good job of looking at the nature of surrender from a lot of different angles and in and through it all is positive reminders of why we would want to surrender to God. He sent His son to die, He loves us so much he searches for us, He is great and holy, He is worthy, these are all things that we worship God for in our daily surrender. It is a daily thing and for that reason this could be a great addition to your worship playlist, to have a daily reminder of our need to surrender our will before God. The reason for it being a daily thing is because the problem with a living sacrifice is that it is easy for it to get up off the altar, we have to keep coming back to that place, again and again, day by day, and sometimes hour by hour!

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