Music Review: Tumultu by Mogli the Iceburg

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Updated January 30, 2018
Music Review: Tumultu by Mogli the Iceburg
Mogli the Iceburg - You Can't Hold Me Down.

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Devil in My Dm
You Can't Hold Me Down
Reinvest (feat. Adrian Stresow)
Ride My Own (feat. Whatuprg)
Everything I Wanted
Ghost (feat. Oncue)
Now They Know
Next (feat. Nobigdyl., Jarry Manna & Indie Tribe)
Put My Life on This (feat. Reconcile)

Mogli the Iceburg is a rapper and producer from Middle Tennessee, and part of the indie tribe collective, made up of nobigdyl., Jarry Manna, and himself. Blending a diverse sonic pallet, with ambient and alternative rock fused with industrial cloud rap, Mogli seeks to redefine hip-hop with not only his sound, but his message.

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Tumultu by Mogli the Iceburg
(Updated: January 30, 2018)
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There are sometimes albums that are very distinctive, whether it is the cover art, the track names or just the artist's name and in this case, it's all three. As I have scrolled through the music that I am behind with this album artwork has stared out at me accusingly that I haven't got around to it yet! An artists name like Mogli The Iceburg just seems to stick in your head too, so you can't fail to see the shape the words make as you scroll through your to do list! Finally we have arrived at the point where I could have a listen and I am glad I did.

He's not one to pull his punches musically, lyrically or politically stating in the first lines of the first track about the turmoil in the world in 2017, saying that the Media are trying to start a race war and it moves forward from there. becoming more personal about life, and faith. Discussing what his music stands for, how he struggles with reading the Bible, getting jealous of his peers receiving awards. Then he remembers what he's about, how he is called to reflect God and that the world needs God's love. If you listen too hard to the lyrics you will fall down the rabbit hole into Mogli's world, which is one of confidence and self-doubt, speaking up and shutting up, trusting and struggling at the same time, this world, this life is "Tumultu". All this is set to some clever loops that work well and fit perfectly behind the lyrics. The track finishes rather eerily with the calm explanation of how drowning is a peaceful way to die, with the inference that we are actually drowning in the chaos of the world around us, accepting the inevitable, and losing perspective as we stop fighting for breath.

Taking no prisoners at all, Mogli takes aim at the Church and sexual sin in "Devil in my DM" where he talks about his own temptations. I love the line "Sometimes I think that if it weren't for my sexual sin / I'd be a really good example of what's a Christian". I think that could probably be said for a lot of men in the church, and I speak for myself here as well. In this case he's talking about the dangers of direct messaging, but also the dangers of internet porn. Another well thought out section is; "We see some gay people and jump to grab / Our pickets with scorn / Meanwhile within the church / Sex before marriage is still the norm / But half these dudes can't get it up / Cause they're addicted to porn". There is so much truth and a lot to consider here.

No matter the subject Mogli finds clever ways to make his point, he's in your face, but not offensive. One of the topics that Mogli covers is discrimination on the basis of race and colour, it's his own personal experiences that shape "You Can't Hold Me Down". Later on the album there is more of a political consideration to the racial unrest in the US from the last couple of years with his track "Next". This is a very current issue for many people in the US, particularly after the rhetoric of the political campaign from Donald Trump prior to his election, and Mogli feels it with a mixed Mexican / German heritage!

Throughout this album the flow is strong and the backing music is influenced by the topic and itself gives you something to really listen to. The depth of the lyrics, the passion behind them, the fierce independence as an artist, and the realisation that his dreams and vision for his artistry is coming about all influence the way that this album challenges the listener. After standing strong to not remove elements of his faith from an album in order to get a record deal, Mogli has come with a progressive sound, a solid lyric, a challenge and an affirmation, God is worth rapping about and he's not here to make friends!

At the end of the first track there was an intro about drowning, in the last track Mogli returns to this stark image of ourselves within society and in the same calm explanatory voice he goes in a bit deeper, until he explains that he was drowning in the illusion of freedom, numb to the reality of approaching death, so what did he do? He chose to live. The inference for those of faith is that we have life, we need to stand up and take a breath rather than drowning in the world around us!

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