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Updated August 18, 2018
Mass Anthem: Through People Like Me (Official Lyric Video)

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“We hope this new album captures our creativity and energy that we bring to the stage every night,” says Tyler. “Our goal was to create a diverse album of fun, energetic music with lyrics that will encourage people to live a life for Someone greater than themselves, and we believe we have accomplished that goal with this album.”

Mass Anthem relocated to Nashville, TN in pursuit of furthering their music career and making roots in the Christian industry. “It’s been amazing making new connections with writers and other musicians since moving to Nashville. We know we are taking steps in the right direction and are so excited for what the future holds. As a band we always say, as long as God keeps opening the doors, we are going to keep walking through them,” says Chad, lead singer of the group.

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Through People Like Me by Mass Anthem
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Originally from Chicagoland, Mass Anthem, brothers Chad and Tyler Soward and Joey Antasio, have relocated to Nashville and what seems to be the US home of all Christian music these days! Dream Records have brought us the 2nd album from this band called "Through People Like Me" and it is certainly very easy to listen to. It's got some classic sounds, some electronic moments and even a couple of hymns mixed into it's songs which shows something of the pedigree of these guys.

Sometimes when you have a band like this that has a big sound some of the lyrics seem plastic, or the level of what they are talking about just doesn't relate quite to where you are. For Mass Anthem, nothing could be further than the truth, the songs are very real, and very well expressed. This album will really speak to different people in the places of their lives, whether from a church background, or maybe even a newer convert. "Keep Runnin'" would probably speak to all of us as the opening track discusses those times when life is so overwhelming that we just want to quit. In this time of desperation there is the realisation that we need to keep running, we aren't going to ever be perfect, but God keeps making a way for us.  "To Get To You" reminds us that God has given everything to get to us, so no matter who we are or what we have done, God has enough grace for us and won't give up on us. The title track "Through People Like Me" is a very palatable track that has echoes of chart-toppers like Bruno Mars. The positive message here is that God chooses to use people like us to change the world, a reminder He has been doing that for thousands of years, and He hasn't finished yet.

"Hero" reminds us that in those times when we feel a little bit shaky in life we can look to Jesus as our hero, that he will be there to rescue and save. This is a slowly building song which explodes into a catchy chorus! You kind of expect that with modern music, what I didn't expect was that in "Everything To You" they manage to drop in a section of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and shortly after there is a rap section from the excellent Beacon Light. That's diversity in one solid song!

"The Answer" is a song for anyone who has grown up through church, knowing the answers to all the Bible questions, but as you grow up life doesn't quite work out the way you hoped. At this point you discover your own faith, rather than your parents - and you realise that Jesus is the one who still has the answers. It's nice to have another track in "The Real Me" which expresses a difficulty dealing with certain things that have a hold on us, but rather than getting bogged down, this song declares that we are new. The one free from sin is 'the real me'' and we keep moving forward in freedom. In the church we can also get stuck in the idea of trying to be perfect - so this talks about being real and being free.

"Light Up The Darkness" may be about struggles of life and our hope in God, but it's a great upbeat track. It may be less of a surprise that there is a hymn section in a track entitled "It's Amazing Grace" but I do like the way that they have embedded this hymn into a song. Sometimes we don't appreciate the grace that we have when we sing that song, what it really means, it's become too familiar. So this track does a great job of reminding us that God's grace gives us the ability to live truly free. It doesn't absolve us from consequence of actions this song does mention the scars of this life, but we don't have to be held in them!

The change to a simple backing of a ballad for the last track shouldn't surprise the listener to this album, because there have been different styles throughout. As "Beauty In The Tragedy" opens out it shows the listener that the beauty is Jesus with us, faithfully healing us in the moment of our greatest tragedies. This is a lovely song to complete this album and really emphasises the quality of this album throughout, and the vocals which in some of the more upbeat numbers don't always get appreciated!

This album has a few songs that will pass you by without leaving a mark, but there are many more that hit home, expressing the worries and the vulnerabilities that we all have, but often don't express. With the blending of the modern styles and the traditional hymns there is the possibility of wide audience age range for this album. Honestly I was listening to this whilst concentrating on something else, but I kept coming back to the clear words and songs of this album and decided that I needed to write this review tonight! It's not the best album you're ever going to hear, but there is a simplicity and an honesty in the way that these guys have approached the songs they deserve to be heard and I hope that there is more to come!

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