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Music Review: The Waiting Room by Trip Lee

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Updated May 18, 2017
Music Review: The Waiting Room by Trip Lee
Trip Lee - Billion Years ft. Taylor Hill
Trip Lee - Too Cold
Trip Lee - Still Unashamed ft. Tedashii

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Too Cold
Lord Have Mercy
Ready (feat. Dimitri Mcdowell)
Still Unashamed (feat. Tedashii)
Money Up
Out My Way
Longer (feat. India Shawn)
Billion Years (feat. Taylor Hill)

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Trip Lee is an author, teacher, hip-hop artist, and thought leader. A pastor in Atlanta, he regularly preaches and teaches at Christian conferences and events, and has performed his music for thousands of listeners around the world.

In his first book, The Good Life, Lee points to the abundant life available only in Christ – a life beyond anything the world can offer. His second book, Rise, calls a younger generation not to wait to follow God, but to get up and live now.

As a hip-hop artist, Lee’s music has received critical acclaim, while reaching a large and growing audience. He’s won a Stellar award and been nominated for several Dove Awards. His last three albums have debuted at #1 on the Billboard Gospel charts, and his most recent album, Rise, debuted at #2 on the Billboard Rap charts and #16 on the Billboard 200.

Trip’s deepest desire in his writing, teaching, and performing is to declare the goodness and glory of Jesus Christ.

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The Waiting Room
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In 2012 it came as a bit of a shock when Trip Lee announced that he was going to "step away" from music to train as a Pastor. His Unashamed Tour was his final headline tour, and following this he cut back on his touring commitments. In 2014 he released what many assumed would be his last album "Rise" and a book to accompany the release came out in 2015. Despite joining the Winter Jam in 2016 I think many were surprised to hear about this "mix-tape" release. It is definitely a pleasant surprise as Trip is one of the more prominent American rappers on the scene and it would a shame if his new training didn't bring new insights to his listeners.

The release takes off with "Clouds" which is about pursuing the dreams that you've been given, even when you have faced disappointment. Some rap can be quite dark and brooding but this is bright, but not breezy, there is a weight to the lyrics that face promises and hopes that haven't quite arrived yet!

The first single to drop from this mix-tape was "Too Cold" which has one of those hooks that just embed themselves into your head as the background repeats "Too Cold" in a very distinctive voice. Given Trip's journey over the past couple of years this track deals with a theme close to his heart, being directed by what others want you to do. The decision to step away from music was his, despite what his fans wanted, maybe even what his record company wanted, he had to follow his path and where God was leading him. This is about staying true to your calling and not doing what the world says. There is some great wordplay in this track which is blink and you miss it at times, like when he spits "Blue steel, never been stiller" which is a play on the film Zoolander starring Ben Stiller and his iconic look.

"Lord Have Mercy" is a very modern take on the liturgy of asking mercy from God. This is all about the sin in ourselves (it's personal in the first verse here) and the world around us. This is a general reality and prayer about the things that bombard us, and offering an answer in Jesus. In the third verse there is the idea of something greater to look forward too, and at this point waiting for heaven Trip will "praise Him in the Waiting Room".

"I Don't Know" takes a look at suffering that we go through and how sometimes when we throw our prayers to God but it seems to have no reaction. Why doesn't God step in and stop all the problems of the world. This song asks questions. This doesn't really offer any answers to these questions other than the track beginning with the first part of Psalm 13, and finishes with the next section which states that we will rejoice in God's salvation.

Dealing with death is a big thing in life and it's a subject that Trip has touched on in the past, but "Ready" is probably the most personal. It's quite an upbeat track but it deals with the death of his Father and all the things that his Dad won't see. Despite this grief he is able to say that he will be ready when the time comes and goes on to explain that despite the physical decline and inevitability of death it no longer has the power over us that it used to. In the third verse he addresses death like a person reminding it that it's time is coming and asking "Did it hurt your self esteem when you heard your sting was no more?" There are some great lines.

Life is a struggle and these songs play to the difficulty that we face on a day to day basis. Money is a big issue for many people and in "Money Up" he imitates anyone who's thinks they're going to make it big in their game. There are veiled references to some sports people and other rappers who in the eyes of the world have 'made it' but also explains that money itself brings it's own problems and pursuing that will still leave you empty.

"Out My Way" is a track about pursuing God's goals for your life and letting nothing stand in your way. "Longer" is a track that will speak to many people. In 2007 Trip was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and this track is a prayer and explanation about how this illness affects him. Not just him, but his wife, his church and his record label. In this song he asks God how long with it be until he will take it away and there is an answer from God which shows love and care but says "it will be a little while longer."

Why are we in the waiting room? What are we waiting for? We, as believers, are waiting to see the return of Jesus and the hope of heaven and that's what "Billion Years" focuses on. There is so much positive here about looking forward in our lives to that day, nothing else matters, the past doesn't matter, the only thing of importance that matters back there is the cross. This is a great positive finish to the album which has emphasised personal struggles and the struggles that we all face, it will be worth it in the end.

This is a great mix-tape. I am not sure why he has released it under that classification, it's 10 tracks and for most people that is a full-length album. Whatever it is, it is a welcome release from a great wordsmith who isn't afraid to tell you that the Christian life isn't easy. "Still Unashamed" is a track halfway through this album that feels like a re-commitment from Trip, not necessarily to music but to continue to live unashamed of the Gospel. Sampling some Andre Crouch he reaffirms that he will continue to be unashamed, even if rapping about Christ is considered going too far when others can rap about guns and drugs, he will remain unashamed and keep speaking about Jesus.

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