Music Review: The Shine EP by Charles D. King

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Updated January 31, 2018
Music Review: The Shine EP by Charles D. King

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Shine (Matt. 5:16)
Robotz (2 Chron. 7:14)
Raise Your Voice (Jer.1:5) [feat. Jason Bitten]
Thank You (Ps.107:1-2)

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CHARLES D. KING Jr. (KING) is a Singer-Songwriter & Activist who brings a compelling message of hope to this generation. Based in Houston, TX, this Georgia native has been involved in ministry & music since age 9. In his formative years, KING would begin discovering his purpose and the mission of his gifts: " become a bridge between generations & cultures; unifying The Church & expanding God's Kingdom".

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The Shine EP - Charles King
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It used to be the case that when you looked in a book of worship you would often see related scripture passages by the title. This was very helpful if you were planning a worship service and you wanted to ensure that the songs went with the passage for the sermon that week. This seems to have disappeared these days, but it is something that Charles King has included with his tracks on this EP.

The opening track "Shine" refers to Matthew 5v16; "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." The theme for this song is fairly clear, talking about how the world is getting darker, and we need to shine our light as we hold onto our faith. There is a lot of distortion used on this track, so you don't get the full impact of his vocal.

I'm pretty sure that the word Robot doesn't appear anywhere in the Bible, even in the most modern of paraphrases! The reference for this one is the famous verse of all evangelistic churches everywhere, "If my people, who are called by my name....", it's a passage we love because it comes with a promise of healing of the land. What Charles looks at is the bit before that, we need to be humble, to be people seeking after God, not after position or power, and we need to really pray. God doesn't want religious robots, but people with a real heart burdened faith. The world is crying out to hear a reality, but because the church is playing at power it undermines our message. Without all the distortion it's clear that Charles has a nice rich voice, although this is more of a gospel rap than a melodic vocal!

"Raise Your Voice" finally lets us hear the vocal quality as Charles sings his doubts about the mission that he has been given by God. It's definitely worth the wait as it has a good quality, but it's the story here that catches the attention. This is the track that stands out of this little quartet, despite having a similar backing instrumentation, it is the story of faith, or lack of it and God's confirmation that despite the difficulty that will be faced it's nothing God can't handle. Still sticking with the simple guitar and a bit more of a hand-clap backing Charles really brings this track to life. It's a simple track of thanks that is based on Psalm 107, with the track punctuated with regular drum beats it jumps out of the headphones. It's not a hugely deep track but it is infectious!

These four tracks give a small indication of the talent that Charles King has, there should be much more to come as he is very versatile as a performer. Perhaps it would have been better to have a few tracks that sound a little different in the backing than these ones. Yes there are different chords but they sound too similar and a couple of times when only half-listening to this EP it felt like I missed huge chunks because I tuned out a little, and that is not something that you want to do - music should provoke a reaction in the listener! He's definitely got something amazing though and I am sure he has the talent to make the most of it.

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