Music Review: The Rush & The Roar by We Are Leo

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December 28, 2017
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Music Review: The Rush & The Roar by We Are Leo
We Are Leo - "Dimensions"

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CRZY AWSM (Crazy Awesome)
Low Key
61 / Twenty-Three
Salt Life
The Rush & The Roar
Young Eyes
Shine Forever
The Way That I Feel Now

After 12 months, working in 4 studios with 5 producers, WE ARE LEO is finally surfacing with a new record. THE RUSH & THE ROAR (2017 Dream Records), WE ARE LEO’s 3rd studio album, is a creatively upbeat take on pop, dance, rock & roll.
Born out of a love for music, and an obvious love for Jesus, this record is quickly standing out with some of the best songs the band has written. Tracks Astronaut, CRZY AWSM & Low Key highlight the bands ability to share joy and start dance parties 4 days. While Songs like Warrior, 61/ Twenty-Three and The Rush & The Roar offer insight into the band’s experience of a genuine,redemptive faith.

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The Rush And The Roar by We Are Leo
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I was introduced to We Are Leo through their album of remixes of "Fightback, Soundtrack", the review of which remains one of the most read pages of this website. Perhaps their new release will gain as much interest?

The album opens with "Dimensions", this is talking about the hum-drum life which seems to be going nowhere, then there is something that happens and life has changed. To be honest this is one of those songs that doesn't exactly spell out whether this is a Spiritual experience or a romantic one, I guess it will all depend on your worldview going into this album. There is a fleeting mention of "Amazing Grace" that hints to the Spiritual, the later bridge continues to hint at this, but I'm not sure God has ever given me a "Rock and Roll blue sky feeling"! If I'm honest this song and the next few left me a little flat and a little critical of the rather poor songwriting. These opening tracks feel like they have potential, but they somehow don't quite do it for me! "CRZY AWSM" is a dance track with some elements of electronica, but it just fails to say anything and it doesn't explain why they dropped the vowels for the title (apart from that 'a' that snuck through!)

The album seems to turn the corner with the interestingly titled "61 / twenty three" which refers to both Isaiah chapter 61 as well as Psalm 23. There is very little of the actual scripture being referred to here, but I do love the very catchy chorus "and my heart is slowly unbreaking" which is a reference to God healing the broken-hearted. This is where the vocal blends also come into their own as you listen to the album, this is the track that will reignite your interest in what this band has to say. "Salt Life" gives us a great surfer-rock track, and you know they are cool because they reference Switchfoot! It doesn't really have much to say, but it's a cracking tune!

The title track, "The Rush and The Roar" gives us a solid thumping bass and turns out to be a great rock track, even here though there is a repeat of the 'running' idea, it seems to be a word they love to include in their tracks, always sung the same way! The songwriting here could definitely do with some fine-tuning and the band need to stop slipping into the easy lyric! The last song that is really worth mentioning on this album is "Young Eyes" which see's them use some very interesting vocal effects along with a solid message of knowing where they belong. It's definitely something different but towards the end of the track they seem to lose the inspiration for the track.

"Shine Forever" and "The Way That I Feel Now" finish off the album, and they are reasonable songs, but they don't match up to the mid-album peak in "61 / twenty three". The album shows that these guys have great vocals working together, but the lyrics need a little more depth - and a little more to distinguish that they are singing about God, or their faith and not just a new girlfriend! The other thing it shows is that perhaps rock could be the way to go, and move away from the overproduced pop style that brings down the whole first half of this album!

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