Music Review: The Good Album by Dru Bex

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Updated January 12, 2018
Music Review: The Good Album by Dru Bex
Dru Bex - Running Man music video - Christian Rap

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Good Intro
Good Life (feat. Charlene Nash)
Good Feeling (feat. Jered Sanders)
Stress (Skit)
Good Looking (feat. Jeremy Rodney Hall)
Good Cypher (feat. Ty Brasel, Yohan, Promise, Kay Sade, Knu Origen & Shope)
Good Riddance
Good Tonight
Good Hands (feat. Jeremy Rodney Hall)
Good Enough
Good Troubles
Good Mourning Interlude (feat. Arch)
Good News Freestyle / Good Outro
Finally Found (feat. Sean C. Johnson, S.O. & Beleaf)
Running Man

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As the years went by and Dru grew into his late teens, the words being preached from the pulpit Sunday after Sunday began to sink in. A heart change began to take place and Dru found himself spending more time with the youth in the church. Together with a couple of like minded young men, Dru formed “Christyle” and began rapping as a way to express this heart change. 

Around this time, Dru would face his first test of his new-found peace; a young man from the neighborhood that his grandparents had taken in pulled a knife and stabbed Dru in a major vein during an intense argument. Bleeding profusely, it was once again, only by the grace of God that Dru was able to survive the incident and not retaliate, instead letting the peace of God flow over him.

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The Good Album by Dru Bex
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So this is the debut album from Christian Hip-Hop artist Dru Bex on Role Model Records. He has previously released his "Imperfect Messenger EP" which got him some recognition, but his journey to recording this album has been frustrating. A while back Dru was trying to sell into the secular music and considering giving up on the Christian scene altogether. His wife challenged him saying "I can't follow you if you are not being lead by the Lord." Apparently this was just the prompt that he needed and he redoubled his efforts and signed with Role Model Records who have helped him get this full album together.

The album is called "The Good Album" not because it's his own assessment of the project, but because it is looking at the nature of what is good. What does it mean and take to be 'good' in this life. As well as some great hip-hop tunes there are little inserts which work to tie the album together and help you investigate what the songs are saying. A few days ago I reviewed Mandisa's "Out Of The Dark" album and she also included some interludes, but I felt that they didn't add to anything and simply interrupted the flow, and I stand by that, but for this album they really do glue the topics together.

One of these is used to introduce the album in a podcast style and particularly the first track "Good Life". This first track asks what it is to be good, do you have to do particular things, earn certain money, smoke, drink, etc. Is this what a good life really looks like? There is the suggestion that these could be a good life, but in a few years time you might look back and realise how much time you wasted. "Good Feeling" takes a lighter sound and brings Jered Sanders into the mix. The feeling is related to the idea that despite it seems people don't want to know about God, but He is going to do something and open the doors to rescue lives that are being wasted as mentioned in the first track. There is a certain amount of overlap between these two tracks, but they are still both worth a listen and taking in the message.

There is a skit that introduces the next track. In an office a bloke is getting unwanted attention from a pretty co-worker, but he has a wife at home. This introduces the track "Good Looking" which doesn't deny that a girl might be good looking, but he is committed to his wife. This is a song for anyone faced with this challenge where the temptation is strong. This track sounds great and with it's auto-tune styling. However the tracks that have gone before all pale in comparison to "Good Cypher" which just sounds excellent from start to the end. Some people have complained that Dru-Bex has not really identified the theological elements on this release, but I personally find that these tracks look at the very practical outliving of the faith. But "Good Cypher" definitely has plenty here, rapping about Jesus, and making many references to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air too!

The project remains positive, even though the tracks sound less-so with the next one being titled "Good Riddance". This is followed by "Good Tonight", "Good Hands", "Good Enough" and "Good Troubles" each looking at their own ideas of 'good'. "Good Hands", for example, looks at the faithfulness of God, and how He supports us through the difficult stuff, He is there, even when we can't see Him.

This brings us to the "Good Mourning Interlude" which is an absolutely beautiful track which is a piano-backed vocal and given the track title it seems to be looking at death with a viewpoint of Heaven, rather than the loss from earth. There's a fantastic track which features collaboration with S.O., Sean C Johnson and Beleaf called "Finally Found". This building track leaves the album on a high apart from the fact that they have tacked the single "Running Man" on the end. As this is a well-established track it works OK, but I think it would have been better swapping these two around.

This is a hugely positive album, it's got a distinctive style which feels like Dru Bex has finally found his own sound without trying to be like someone else. We have ended up with a very focused album which gives praise to God and reminds us that whatever we consider to be 'good' He is 'Good' through and through. He is the only one we can trust with our lives.

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