Music Review: Shine by The Rock Kids

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Updated April 25, 2017
Music Review: Shine by The Rock Kids

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We Will Dance
Bam! (Come, Here, Do)
You Know My Heart
Love Fall Down
God Will Reign
Build It Strong

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The album is a collection of 10 worship songs sung by the youngest in the church lead by the team under the leadership of worship pastor, David Dirmann. The multi-generational church hopes that these songs will bring hope, life and healing to you and your family and give your kids happiness and joy along the way.

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If I am right then this is only the second album on the Dream Records kids label, so it's still a new territory for this record label and this release seems to have a very different look from the other title "Bible Adventure Worship" that is listed on their website. "Shine" is a modern children's worship album with songs performed with kids and a worship leader and a full band, something like Hillsong Kids have done successfully for a number of years. I have a great respect for those who lead Children's activities because I've served my time and I know the issue of this uniquely challenging and rewarding ministry.

With the children's worship where do you pitch it? Do you sing children's songs, do you make the kids sing adults songs, should it even be worship songs or should they be teaching songs, if you sing songs with actions can the kids do the actions in a normal Sunday service? Thankfully these are issues that I no longer have to face, but they are issues that face anyone who has to prepare their Sunday morning activities, and that makes resources like "Shine" incredibly important and they need to deliver, so does it?

The electro-dance track "We Will Dance" gives an upbeat worshipful opening to this album. This is a track you would probably want to use if you have a largish group of older (9+) children who have some understanding of what it means to be a Christian and understand what they are singing. Personally this song didn't feel right, it felt a little bit forced to get the lyrics in, and if this wasn't a kids album then I don't think you would hear this track.

"Bam! (Come, Hear, Do)" continues the EDM feel but this is more of a teaching song based on the parable of the wise and the foolish man, and that's where the Bam! comes from the title when the foolish person will sink like sand and "his house went Bam, Bam Bam!" There is a validity to this track and for people looking for something to illustrate that particular story and looking for something beyond "The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock" or "Don't Build Your House On The Sandy Land"

We drop the electro beats although there are some atmospheric effects for the title track, "Shine". This is a praise track which worships Jesus as the Light and reminds the children about God's help and faithfulness. "You Know My Heart" doesn't have the children carrying this track, this is an adult-led track before the kids provide some backing. This is another track that shows God's faithfulness through all the good days and the bad days that kids will face. With the loss of innocence that kids face these days we cannot ever assume that the kids in our care haven't felt the hurt the can bring us down so this is a reminder that God knows them, He knows what they are going through and that He promises to be with them through it.

"Deeper" for me feels like trying to put adult words into a child's mouth, even though the kids are leading this track and it's a great chance for some actions, but do the kids really understand it? I think on reflection this is my issue with "We Will Dance" the album opener. Whilst acknowledging very real hurts and pains we also have to see that kids do not always understand the depth and breadth of what we give them to sing because they do not have the experience to contextualise what it means. "Fearless" is a good example of a track that introduces a concept and also makes an attempt of explanation of itself. "We are fearless, because we know who we are in You / We're the light of the world, when we shine out the truth we are fearless." With excellent teaching with the appropriate age groups these abstract concepts can be discussed and taught, but for younger kids these will just be words with no understanding. "Love Fall Down" and "God Will Reign" both have some redeeming qualities, the latter in particular would be very welcome in any worship service in church and not just the children's activities!

Call me a traditionalist but the track "Build It Strong" builds on the kids song that I highlighted earlier "The Wiseman Built..." Where songs like "Cornerstone" or "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" build on classics this isn't often done in children's songs. This one takes a classic song that has been a favourite of many generations of kids and explains more what it means to build on a solid foundation and warns against letting the world lead you wrong.

The album finishes with "All" which talks about surrender to God and it does a good job of explaining what this actually means. Some of these tracks are needed by us adults to remind us who should already know, but so easily forget, what this Biblical principle is all about. There is a rather cute rap in the middle of this track performed on of the children which is meant to be funky, but as an adult just makes you go "ahhh, how sweet!"

So there are definitely tracks here that would be useful for children's and families workers to engage in the worship aspect of children's activities, this is also something that could be played in the car as a parent, I think after a couple of times around there would definitely be some tracks to skip to avoid driving you crazy, but largely there are some well produced tracks here to help you and your family or your children's Church to worship together.

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