Music Review: Secret World by Guvna B

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December 15, 2015
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Music Review: Secret World by Guvna B
Matt Redman and Guvna B - Let My People Go Remix
Guvna B - Feel That Vibe
Guvna B Ft Deitrick Haddon   Nothing But The Blood (@GuvnaB @DeitrickHaddon)

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Home (E16)
Feel That Vibe
Weatherman (Feat Vicky Tola)
Where's It Coming From? (interlude)
Easy Road
Nothing But The Blood (Feat Detrick Haddon))
Someone's Watching (Feat Nick Brewer)
Never Too Late (Feat Favour)
Show Me The Way
Time Ago (Feat C4)
Secret World (interlude)
Remember Me
Let My People Go (Remix) Feat Matt Redman
Buss It (Feat Beleaf)

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Growing up on a staple diet of Grime music, Guvna B has shared stages with Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 & Lecrae however he has a refreshing dynamic, evident in his youth work and previous album success, which clearly shows his diverse talents and love for music, regardless of genre and stereo-types.

While he may hit out a stonking Grime tune, Guvna B is also one of the UK’s most prestig-ious gospel artists, who went to No.1 in the Official Christian and Gospel chart and No.22 in the Official main charts, with his most recent album release “Odd One Out”.

“I’m not a Christian rapper. I’m a rapper who happens to be Christian. I feel just at home at a Grime show as I would a church.”

The album made history as the first rap album to top the Official Christian and Gospel Charts too, so be prepared for some interesting twists and turns on forthcoming independent album release “Secret World” this November. Featuring a stellar line up, which includes Nick Brewer (Island Rec-ords), C4 (BBK), Matt Redman (Grammy Winner), Deitrick Haddon & VickyTola, Guvna B describes how “Secret World” highlights positivity within his new collection of music and how it’s important to him as an artist to provide his listeners with infectiously positive content to guide them to a better place both emotionally and on their life journey.

“I don't think every bad situation should result in a bad choice. Secret World is all about helping people find a light at the end of the tunnel because there's always a way out.”

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Make This A Less Well Kept Secret
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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Rap music has long suffered from an image problem, partially because of the lifestyle of some of the early rappers and their subject matter. It always surprises people that the Christian market has room for this art form that has been used by some to glorify drugs and gun crime. One thing that cannot be denied is that there is a definite circle of people that rap music speaks to, Guvna B is part of the current crop of UK talent that is bringing something positive to this market.

The comments in the blurb speak into this. He's a rapper, he's a Christian, so he raps about his life, experience and his positive teaching. Although I am no big fan of rap for my personal listening I would say that it has the ability to come across as more 'real' and less contrived than some other forms of music, particularly in the Christian market.

Guvna B brings a brilliant selection of tracks to your ears with this Pledge Music supported release. "Feel The Vibe" was the first exposure to this album as it was the first single released just before the album. This single will give you a good idea of the feel of the album, the sampling and production style.

If you have listened to Guvna B previously then you will possibly find a more reflective Guvna on this album. This isn't a bad thing because there's a maturity, authority and confidence to these tracks. There are still plenty of questions and challenges that are being posed to the listener. That doesn't make this album heavy and deep as there is plenty of light hearted discussion as well as some well suited tongue-in-cheek humour and of course the trademark 'Allo Mate' that appears occasionally!

There are some great collaborations on this album with some fantastic female vocals which sit just right, my favourite for this is 'Easy Road' where Naomi Scott links the main sections of this track together. This album also features Detrick Haddon, C4, Favour, Beleaf and surprisingly Matt Redman. However these are all eclipsed by the important collaboration between Guvna B and Jimmy James the albums executive producer who seems to have brought the best out of the mix. Particularly on some of the more surprising mixes.

Aside from all the technical talk, this album has been an instant hit with all my immediate family. Rap is not a musical form that I choose to listen to, just a personal choice, but I can listen to the whole album, enjoying the sonic experience, the challenges and the twists and surprises that pop up as you have a more detailed listen. My wife loves this album, following Guvna's appearance this summer at Creation Fest she started to check out his music - and she hasn't been disappointed. The kids just love the music, taking the opportunity to dance to tracks like "Feel The Vibe".

This may not be your cup of tea either, but if you know anyone who loves this style of music this could be a great album with a positive message to shove in their direction!

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