Music Review: Resurrection Part 1 by Fades Away

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September 26, 2018
Sad State Of Affairs…

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Minneapolis based rock band FADES AWAY are emerging after a 3 year hiatus with their new album RESURRECTION PART I. With hard hitting guitars, soaring vocal melodies and pounding drums, the album merges the genres of metal, hard rock and prog perfectly and is sure to please fans of all three.

After years of touring on the road, and sharing the stage with hugely successful bands like, FIREFLIGHT, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH, SKILLET and RED, FADES AWAY chose to leave the road and focus on writing and recording and are now back with a massive sounding EP entitled RESURRECTION PART I

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Resurrection Part 1 by Fades Away
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I think it's fair to say that this album from Fades Away won't be for every listener out there. Their previous album was covering ground that other bands had already been in and found popularity, as such "The Remnant" was seen by many as less than stellar and derivative. So Fades Away have launched more towards the Metal end of the hard rock market with this 5 track EP.

The recording kicks off with the rather gentle "Sad State Of Affairs", well the opening haunting lyric against the relentless drums seems gentle to what comes later in the EP. This music just moves you along, and even if you're not into these heavy metal sounds then you have to accept the level of artistry on this album which mixes a whole range of vocal styles from quite harmonious vocals through to the more guttural shouting associated with Metal. This is not only the first track, it's also the lead single that has been released into the wild. This track is about our differences in a divided nation or world, but points out that we all are the same underneath. "The Game" looks at life as a game, but in actuality the game itself is a lie. This song is probably more standard fayre for a rock album and then the carpet gets pulled away from under the listener with "The Smoking Gun" which is probably the best track on this release. The lyrics of some of these tracks are ones that have to be listened to a number of times to really catch what the band are trying to say. It's not always easy to catch but this track reflects a similar theme to the first track, only this time giving evidence that actually the only difference between the people being considered is that they are exactly the same. This is gleaned from the rather sinister sounding bridge of this track.

These songs really do sound fantastic, they have a very epic feel to them and they float between the melody and then drop down into the full on screams, "The Beast" is one of those tracks as the EP heads towards it's conclusion. Some of this would be something that would have more acceptance if it didn't have that sudden flip into the heavier music. It's a track that reflects the opener in it's style toying with the listener. Musically this is a great album, but lyrically it's really hard at times to catch what they are actually singing about. The blurb for this EP on their website says; " 
Throughout the writing process the members of FADES AWAY explored every detail to deliver the hardest hitting record possible leaving no note unheard, and no lyric misunderstood in both mix and meaning." Unfortunately my experience of this recording is that it lacks some clarity in the vocal mix and you have to struggle to work out the real nature and meaning of the tracks, which, given this sounds so great, is a real shame. 

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