Music Review: Resonate - Ripple To A Wave by Love Collide

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June 23, 2016
Music Review: Resonate - Ripple To A Wave by Love Collide

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RESONATE is reflective of LoveCollide's musical spectrum & belief that their life is a ministry and their music simply a vehicle God can use for His Kingdom! “We absolutely love to worship”, says Brooke, “but growing up with musical inspirations like Skillet and Switchfoot, we also really love to rock.” With RESONATE, LoveCollide incorporates the worship, pop and rock elements and remain true to the signature LoveCollide sound. At a college campus recently, a concert attendee said, "I have never heard worship with such a fresh, cool new vibe. We need more music like this!"

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Resonate - Ripple To A Wave
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Quite often a company or an organisation will develop a mission statement which looks good on the company website. Lauren and Brooke DeLeary are sisters who are better known together as the independent Christian music duo Love Collide, they also have a mission statement. To "awaken a movement and ignite a wildfire passion for Jesus in the hearts of this generation and those to come" and this album is their second opportunity to work towards this aim.

Like other Christian artists Love Collide are trying to balance the need to spread the message, scratch a living and make music that can help people draw closer to God. "Resonate:Ripple To A Wave" is the first part of this with this release being followed by a stream of regularly released videos before the release of "Resonate: A Spark Into A Flame" which is due this October.

The first track on this album is the title track which sets out their stall for this release. The write up on the youtube video gives an insight into their aim with this track - "We want to RESONATE JESUS in all we do, We want the sound of revival to be so loud it resonates throughout the entire earth, We want to expand, amplify the name of Jesus. We believe it takes one drop (YOU) to begin the ripple that creates the wave of revival!" This track has a couple of great hooks that make this sit in your brain a long time after you have listened to it. It's a dedication to give what you have to God, but also a prayer asking God to use us and help us to cause ripples that will resonate through our lives, family, friends and outward from us for His glory!

Having written all the tracks for their debut album, the girls were offered some songs for this album and selected two that they thought would work for them, these are "Follow" and "Storms". "Follow" was written by Seth Mosley, Francesca Battistelli, and Mia Fieldes and is a fairly straightforward pop track that is a declaration to follow, although we are left to guess who "It's you I'm gonna follow" but I think it's probably obvious to most of us listening who they are singing about! "Storms" is also a collaboration of Mia Fieldes this time with Jordan Sapp and Dave Wyatt. This is a song that I am familiar with because it was also recently included on "Young, Dangerous Heart" from V. Rose. In my opinion this is a very different version of the track by V. Rose blows this version out of the water!

Sometimes I love when artists choose to highlight a fairly obscure bit of teaching. In the case of this album there is "Foxes" which talks about stopping the little foxes from getting in. This is a reference to a line from the Song of Solomon 2 v 15 which was ultimately something that Solomon never heeded in his later years! This is about letting the little negatives and niggles getting into your relationships.

Where this album really succeeds is the way that the sisters work their voices to blend together to bring emphasis, they back off to just one or they carry different parts of a song with their different vocal tones. On top of this there are some fresh clean tracks, the guitar and keys are a fairly standard pop/rock vibe.

In the information there is a comment from a concert goer who said '”I have never heard worship with such a fresh, cool new vibe. We need more music like this!” There are definitely elements of worship in this album, but this is largely performance music, and I am not sure that this is as progressive as the concert go-er thinks. These songs could definitely be re-worked to make them more usable for communal worship, and probably the easiest of these would be "Yahweh" which is a great cry out to God for more of an experience of Him.

I am not sure there is anything that is particularly ground-breaking on this album but I did enjoy many of the songs and I think the heart behind this album and their mission statement is laudable. If they get people who like the vibe and sign up to devotionals and stories about particular songs, then this will help them work towards their goals. At the time of writing there is no evidence that either the girls or their team have got these going forward and their website is (at the time of writing) being revamped. Hopefully they can get this back on track to bring people on board prior to the second album being released in October.

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