Music Review: Projections by Landry Cantrell

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November 28, 2017
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Music Review: Projections by Landry Cantrell

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Before You
Indian Summer (Feat. Kelsey Hicks)
Deeper Lover
Fade Out
Move Me (Feat. Lawrence Trump)

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He teamed up with producer Sean Hill to create and independently release a self-titled album in 2014. Landry is currently wrapping up work on his latest record, produced by Hill, for his Dream Records debut.
“There’s a line in a song I wrote that says, ‘I’ve been chasing stars, following my heart, but I can’t find You,’ Landry says. “Sometimes, it’s really hard to not allow your own desires to cloud your judgment, and drown out God's voice in your life.

“It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be successful, or our skewed version of what we view success to be. To God, success is something completely different. Once you get a glimpse of that perspective, you're reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing.
“When people relate to the songs I’ve written, well, first of all, it blows my mind, because I write these songs from my heart and life. But when I see others finding comfort in what I've written, it’s really special for me. That's a humbling and incredible thing to experience.”

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Projections by Landry Cantrell
(Updated: November 28, 2017)
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We are used to Dream Records taking a chance on new artists in all the different labels that they have as part of their catalogue. So it is a bit of a surprise when they picked up Landry Cantrell, because he is no newcomer to the scene. With five studio albums already recorded and released he is well aware of his way around a recording studio. Landry has been writing, singing and recording his music since he was just 15 years old. Music is a very important part of Landry's life, besides all his recording, he also holds a Masters Degree in Music Technology and Production! Of course, knowing the technicalities of music isn't the same as being able to write, record and produce music that moves people, so this album is his chance to show the world he can do this.

This album has a fusion of electronic/pop/dance music which is apparent from the very first track. "Before You" is a song that will have you tapping your feet and wondering if Landry is talking about things that happened before a romantic relationship or a spiritual experience. He talks about feeling unloved and unlovable, but leaves the listener knowing that this is about before knowing Jesus with a final line which mentions this. The next track "Gravity" is a great dance / pop number that has Landry reflecting on the way that God's love centres him in this life when things go crazy. Everything then gets stripped back to an electric guitar with finger snaps and a slower pace as he encourages the listener to know the freedom of knowing God in "Fly". This is a great sound and I really enjoyed this stripped back feel, the finger snaps are used again in "Louder" but that track seems to lose them in amongst the general mix.

In an interview I read, Landry confessed to many influences and one I think one of them may well be the sounds of 90's boy bands. The evidence I present is the track "Feedback" which uses the vocals really well, despite there being just the one of him, you could feel that he was being backed by a group of others. Whatever the influence it is definitely sound that works well for him and it mixes up the release. In fact, no two songs have felt the same, so far and that is a good thing! It's another change into a ballad, of sorts, with "Indian Summer", this is a beautiful love song and the vocals from Kelsey Hicks really bring this song to life.

There are definitely tracks here that are very current and any worries that you wouldn't be moved by this music are dismissed through the album as "Dreamin'" will definitely embed itself into your head, and the incredibly catchy "Deeper Lover" with it's heavy bass crashing on your ears. "Fade Out" will get you thinking about how you might be remembered, what has your life stood for? This seems like the natural place to end this album, but there are still a couple of tracks to go which feels like a bit of a bonus!

"Underneath" is an interesting track and I love the imagery of lying on the bottom of the sea, drowning and lost in your thoughts and then you see someone walking on the water above you! You want to scream out and hope that somehow they can hear you, and suddenly there is hope. It feels like a bit of an image of drowning in all the troubles and issues, feeling life is over, but then meeting the one who did walk on the water. The last track of the album "Move Me" is a great blend of pop and then with a modern gospel feel thrown in.

There really is nothing negative to really bring out about this album. The imagery is great in many of the songs, as well as the picture from "Underneath", I also loved the idea of "Gravity" showing the love of God is something that is a fixed point in our lives which we can rely on. Musically there are a couple of minor things, such as a little bit of over-production and things like "Fade Out" being in the wrong place on the album, it should be the last track, but these do not hurt the experience much. There is a really current feel with this album, not just that Landry is copying what is being done in the industry around him, but actually there are new ideas here that work and can push the CCM genre forwards. Perhaps a little more of the cutting edge would be good, but this is a great album to get in your ears. Positive, upbeat and uplifting, if you are looking for something to dance to and make you think then this is a great option.

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