Music Review: Pretty Lies by Veridia

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Updated February 26, 2017
Music Review: Pretty Lies by Veridia

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Crazy In a Good Way
Pretty Lies (feat. Matty Mullins)
At the End of the World
Say a Prayer
Pretty Lies (feat. Matty Mullins) [Valot Remix]

VERIDIA is a unique fusion of alt-rock with electronic elements, wrapped around the evocative vocals and presence of frontwoman, Deena Jakoub. Of Egyptian descent, Deena’s look and voice when mixed with the electronic/rock soundscape provided by co-founder and guitar player, Brandon Brown, drummer Kyle Levy and guitarist Trevor Hinesley is capturing fans at every show.

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Pretty Lies
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We may be a little late to the party with this review of this EP "Pretty Little Lies" which was released back in 2015. This is a 5 track (4 + 1 remix) release which showcases a little bit more of Veridia's great sound. The sound is a definite rock-chick sound with female lead vocals provided by Deena Jakoub. They carefully selected their sound prior to their first EP, "Inseperable" by writing over 70 songs to find their unique voice.

The first track of this EP, "Crazy In A Good Way" talks of the wonder that we would be loved in the way that God loves us. There are brilliant pictures that show this such as being lost in a labyrinth of God's love or being a "dreamer holding Wonderland's key". The sound is showcased brilliantly here with a dynamic and and dramatic opening with the main parts of this cropping up again and again through the track. It's the fairly stable vocal that acts as a counter point to that backing until it hits the chorus and then the rock anthem takes off. Instantly identifiable you will find yourself chipping into the chorus very quickly. This track just works with great backing, great hooks and some beautiful vocals - as well as the other bits that have the attitude that this rock style demands.

If you think that Deena cannot hold a tune because she's too aggressive then possibly you didn't listen to all of track one, but any doubts should be thrown out the second that this track starts. The track itself discusses the lies of success that the world feeds us, calling them all "Pretty Lies", this track shows them for what they are. Initially it sounds like one of those songs for young ladies which helps them deal with the pressures of image that the world forces on them. As Deena asks "How about now, am I good enough, How about now, will I ever be enough, If I change will I ever find love?" there is more as the song moves on as guest vocalist Matty Mullins refers to "suit and tie, success and dollar signs". This is not just one for the girls, this track is for all of us that feel the pressure to conform. The last track on the album is a remix of this track that works nicely.

"At The End Of The World" is a solid rock track. There are some great little asides here and there as they get a bit orchestral which works well with the vocals which really soar over this track stretching her upper range. Listen out for the excellent guitar bridge too which is just a masterclass in rock guitar. The EP's original tracks end with "Say A Prayer" which see's more of a ballad feel and reminds us to pray for those who's lives are falling apart around them, to pray for the hurting.

I love that these songs have very different messages, but they are filled with compassion for others. Although with a slightly different sound this group could fill the gap in the market left by Superchick when they decided to go their separate ways. There is a strong sound that gives great definition to this band. There are suggestions that a full album was planned for the end of 2016 but I don't think this has happened yet. I might have come late to this party, but what a party to find. Excellent music and some stimulating thoughts in the conversations!

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