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Music Review: Press Red EP by Emma Mould

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Updated February 11, 2019
Press Red
Emma Mould - Press Red Lyric Video

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This EP is a special release from Emma Mould, having been comissioned to write the song "Press Red" to raise awareness of, and to end, violence against women. She later recorded another acoustic version of that song and soon she had compiled other tracks to put together this EP which is released in support of Press Red, you can find out more at the website www.pressred.org


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Press Red EP by Emma Mould
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Emma Mould describes herself as a singer/songwriter, musician, social activist,blogger and writer based in Manchester UK. You can also add to that list, Mother, Wife, Worship Leader and probably a number of other things. Having survived a couple of near-death experiences Emma found herself experiencing a spiritual awakening that led her into an active church in Manchester, which in turn led to a discovery of playing live music. At one women's Bible Study after discussing the abuses that they had experienced for simply being born female, they began discussing other issues relating to this including domestic abuse, prostitution, rape, child brides, female infanticide and FGM. After further discussion, Emma and others decided to try and do something about this situation by setting up a movement and a conference called "Press Red" to highlight and tackle these issues and more in society worldwide. From this Emma was commissioned to write a song for the organisation and this became the basis of this EP.

"Press Red" is the first track on the EP and there is another acoustic version at the end of the EP. From the first line this song is quite in your face about the issues that the organisation is passionate about stopping when Emma sings "Stop don’t cut away, That which was meant to remain." With the issue of FGM once again being in the press after a private members bill was blocked in parliament by MP Chris Chope on a point of principle, and this in the UK a country with fairly progressive views on the role and rights of women, compared to many other countries, this shockingly shows the need for more people to speak up about these issues. Emma's song highlights that many people don't see it, or they actively look elsewhere when these issues are brought up and discussed. This is a type of protest song, but it also serves a reminder to everyone that a woman is worth more than rubies, or gold as outlined in the Bible text of Proverbs 31.

The next song, "Bryan Glancy" is a tribute to one of Emma's musical mentors who encouraged her to write and sing songs. Sadly he died 10 years ago and this was written to mark the 10th anniversary to lift his memory to all those who remember him from the local Manchester music scene that he was very involved in. The song "Bands" is about the commitment of marriage and the fact that marriage is something that we need to work at, because the expectation of what marriage will be and the reality can be very different. The last song on the album is called "Passing Time" and it's an interesting look at the life of David waiting for the promises that God gave him to come about. It's a reminder to us that David had a promise and a physical anointing marking him out, but still things didn't happen instantly, he genuinely feared for his life being hunted down by King Saul, he had to make alliances with enemies just to survive, but eventually God kept the promise He had been given. Sometimes we think the path to our promise should be all smooth sailing, but God doesn't often work like that!

Each of these track have their own impact, but they are all overshadowed by the thoughts that overwhelm you from the first track. You are not over what you have already been thinking about before you are hit by the acoustic version of the song. This actually brings Emma's vocals more to the foreground and you hear the passion contained in them over this subject when skilfully backed by the orchestra. This EP has a lot to say and Emma's voice expresses them brilliantly, these are not easy things to write about and the skill required to put that song together literally takes my breath away!

If you want to find out more about the Press Red movement or get involved in it in some way then check out the website at http://pressred.org

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