Music Review: Pocketful Of Faith by Tim Hughes

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September 18, 2015
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Music Review: Pocketful Of Faith by Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes - Pocketful Of Faith – Acoustic Video

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Here With Me
Only The Brave
Pocketful Of Faith
Set Apart
Sky High
The Cross Stands
The Way
Hope and Glory
Hallelujah (Friend and King)

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Pocketful of Faith is Tim Hughes' fifth studio album. Pocketful of Faith captures a theme of explosive celebration and wild adventure with honest emotion and vulnerability.

Produced by Nathan Nockels ("Holding Nothing Back/10,000 Reasons/Passion live album"), Pocketful of Faith also features co-writes with Phil Wickham, Matt Redman, Reuben Morgan, Martin Smith, Jason Ingram, Jonas Meyrin and Nick Herbert.

Also features Here With Me, a duet with his friend Phil Wickham.

Tim's desire is to see a fresh breakthrough in our churches where we find a sense of joy, passion, connection and engagement in our worship. "Bringing ALL that you have (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant) and allowing God to do abundantly more with it"

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Vulnerable But Trusting In Gods Grace
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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It's always a pleasure and an experience to get a new Tim Hughes album because you know that each one will have tracks that are going to work on a personal worship level as well as in a church communal worship setting. Thankfully "Pocketful of Faith" is no different in this aspect!

There are a couple of things that are different about this album though. The first is the writing. Don't worry though this is still of the high quality that you would expect from Tim Hughes. This time though it feels a little more personal to what is happening in Tim's own life and the new challenges that he is facing.

The album starts with a song asking God to be "Here With Me" and in the second track there is a declaration that we will "Go where You go". This theme continues through a number of tracks, but it is no surprise that this album comes at a time of a brand new challenge for Tim and his family.

Tim Hughes is branching out from Holy Trinity Brompton where he was the Director of Worship and setting up a church plant in Birmingham. This is far from the familiar, established churches that he has known recently and is a step into the unknown and this is definitely felt through this album. This is not in a bad way because this is an expectant waiting on God to fulfil the vision that He has given.

There is a definite vulnerability in this album, nothing except God's goodness and grace is certain. We will move forward because we know that God has good plans for us!

The second way that this is different is the musical landscape of the album. The sound feels fuller with more instrumental variation than some of Tim's previous albums. While all the tracks, pretty much sound as though the basic melodies wouldn't be hard to replicate for a church worship group, there is more complexity in these recordings. Again this is definitely not a bad thing. In fact, if anything, some of these tracks were reminding me of Michael W. Smith!

There are definitely some powerful tracks here. It's hard to pick the one that stands out, but personally my favourite track is "Plans" which is a declaration that we are trusting that even in the worst moments God has plans for our life. This is a musical version of Jeremiah 29 vs 11-12.

It's nice to see this side of worship where we express a vulnerability before an awesome God. It is well expressed without becoming defeatist in it's outlook and there are songs here that many others would not have contemplated writing. Life experience and circumstance reinforced by faith.

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