Music Review: One For All - Live Worship from Spring Harvest by Various Artists

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November 27, 2017
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Music Review: One For All - Live Worship from Spring Harvest by Various Artists

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This Changes Everything
Mercy Road
What A Beautiful Name
Hope And Glory
One Family
Everlasting Arms
King Of My Heart
He Lives
How Deep The Father's Love For Us
King Forevermore
Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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One For All Live Worship from Spring Harvest transports you into inspirational moments and melodies of worship as thousands joined together declaring and discovering love, faith and unity. Featuring lead worshippers Cathy Burton, Lou Fellingham, Pete James and Worship Central.

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One For All - Spring Harvest Live 2017
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The Spring Harvest team work exceptionally hard each year to put on what is probably the most well-known Bible gathering across the UK. With a well established following with many people attending year after year, and each year there is a great line-up of worship leaders across the venues and weekends. The annual album combines some of the best worship moments from these live events and worship leaders into one album.

For me the Spring Harvest album always points the way to few of the songs that I will be hearing in any modern style services that I attend. I don't think Spring Harvest enjoys quite the same position in this that it did about 10 years ago, because there are many different influences for our worship selection, plus the rise of projection and the internet means that music spreads wider, quicker than it ever used to!

This album features worship being led by some worship leaders who you may have caught at various events across the circuit including Lou Fellingham, Cathy Burton, Pete James and more. Listening to this album there are a few tracks that stand out for me as tracks to pay attention to. Josh Gauton singing "Mercy Road" is definitely a favourite and the next track which features the flawlessly brilliant voice of Cathy Burton singing "What A Beautiful Name". Cathy also brings her great talent to "King Of My Heart" a little later on the album and there are also a couple of tracks from Luke Hellenbroth.

Amongst the latest worship songs on this album there are a few that are a bit more familiar, with Lou Fellingham bringing us her versions of a couple of classic hymns. "How Deep The Fathers Love For Us" is a fairly traditional version of the song and Lou does a great job of bringing across the lyrics with great feeling. There is also a core strength of the vocal that she brings to "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" which ends the album.

This is a great little selection of tracks, they have done a good job of capturing some of the atmosphere and 'live' feeling. There could always be more 'live' feeling but I enjoyed this collection of tracks and the artists here. It's not going to be anything you haven't heard before, but it's worth a listen if you were there, or you like these artists!

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