Music Review: Not About Us by Aaron Graham

Updated April 23, 2018
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Music Review: Not About Us by Aaron Graham
Cry Out - Aaron Graham

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Seven years after recording “Anointed”, Aaron is back with a new sound bringing you new songs that will make you dance, clap your hands, cry, and challenge you. The first single “Cry Out” will be released 19th May digitally with a pre order released on iTunes on the 5th May which includes the lyric video for the song. In its first week of release the video gained almost 1000 views on his Facebook page, and the single has gained airplay on a Radio Stations in Canada and USA even before the song is released.

Aaron has a small number of followers on his Facebook page, but is amazed of what God has done so far in his music career. He is very much looking forward to the future.

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Not About Us by Aaron Graham
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I love the fact that there are many Christian artists doing what they do, honouring God and working away in their area to do what God has placed on their hearts to do. For many of these people this is first and foremost about getting their music in front of people to help them worship and engage with God. It's certainly not about making money, it's about following what God has laid on their hearts. I think Aaron Graham is one of these people, he plays and ministers, but he's not trying to build himself up! "Not About Us" is Aaron's second album, the first, titled "Anointed", was released in 2010.

There's no gentle musical intro to the first track, "Cry Out", it's straight in with guitars and into the first "wooooaaaahhh" of the track, as this song gets going and the lyrics start properly this track sounds like an early 90's Noel Richards, but without the full band. The track itself moves along quite nicely, just staying the right side of being too repetitive. The second track starts with another blast of guitars and a different "wooahh" sound, "Heal This Land", as the title may suggest to you, is a song based on the well known passage of 2 Chronicles 7. This is an encouragement for us to get back to seeking God, for Him to enact his promise that He gave to the Israelites.

"He's Alive" is a song about the death of Jesus, at least it starts there, but as the title suggests, this is about Jesus' resurrection. It's a celebration of what Jesus being alive shows. "Not About Us" is a reminder, something we need more in our worship today, that it's all about God and not really about us and what we do. This track is the first that seems to give some space to the music to come into it's own, and there is a nice little electric guitar solo in the middle of a couple of choruses on this track. "Nothing Compares" moves away from the rockier sound that carries the other tracks, it's a slower track and reminds us that no matter what troubles we are going through, Jesus is our answered prayer and nothing compares to him.

The pace picks up again with "Proclaiming Jesus" and stays for "We Will Go". The first of these tracks is more about worship but the second is about fulfilling the great commission and dedicates us to going where God sends. "What A Friend" is a rocked-up version of the classic hymn which swings along quite nicely, this is followed by "Your Amazing Grace" which is a re-written version of THAT classic hymn. The album rounds out with "Your Servant" which is a new song of dedication and gently takes the listener to the point where we submit our life once more to what God wants from us. 

There is no doubting the heart of praise and worship behind this album. Sometimes the execution is slightly heavy handed and there is a limited instrumentation and base for the actual musical production. Electric guitars sometimes need other instruments to really compliment them and bring a fuller sound. The lyrics themselves have some great moments and heartfelt expressions which resonated well with me as a listener. As a casual listener there wasn't quite the hooks to draw me into the individual songs in the way. There is something about the heart of this album that is greater than the writing, singing and production and that comes through all those things and transcends it. You won't mistake this for a big budget production, but you will hear the heart of it's creator, echoing the heart of his Creator on this album!

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