Music Review: Newsongs For The Church 2018 by Various Artists

July 15, 2018
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New songs. New ways to worship.

Bringing the freshest expressions of worship straight to you, this collection of the latest songs is the perfect preparation for this Spring Harvest 2018. Whether you’re going to this year’s festival, or looking for new songs to sing at home or Church, this album is an ideal resource for worship.

Each year the Newsongs releases feature songs from today’s leading worship leaders. This year brings you new music by Matt Redman, Hillsong, Kim Walker-Smith, Housefires, and Rend Collective.

A taste of today’s new music, as well as what is to come at Spring Harvest. These songs are picked to inspire your faith, to bring you new ways to praise God, and new ways to explore what is out there in the world of worship.

Feel inspired to play these songs yourself? You can now purchase the accompanying songbook that contains sheet music, lyrics, chords, and a digital version for transposing. Perfect for introducing your Church to some of the latest and greatest worship music of the year.

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New Songs for the Church 2018 by Various
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As normal I am a little late to the party! This album is released early in the year and it's a resource from Spring Harvest which brings recordings of some of the tracks that they are going to be using in the celebration for the coming Easter. I am obviously reviewing it a fair time after the Spring Harvest event, but actually this is still a great resource of good clear recordings of some recent songs written by different worship leaders, with great UK artists recording them. Artists like Cathy Burton, Sarah Bird and others who bring some fairly clear vocals to this annual project.

The album opens with the "Sound of Adoration" originally from Jesus Culture, and this is followed by a fairly simple version of Newday's track "Rock of Ages". The third track may be a little more familiar to some because it is a Matt Redman written song, co-written with a group of great songwriters including Tasha Cobbs Leonard, the Torwalts and Jonas Myrin. This version of "Gracefully Broken" does a good job of bringing the song to life with some simple effects and layered vocals. This brings us straight to another that is more familiar with "So Will I (100 Billion x)" from Hillsongs. Here the accompaniment is largely stripped back to the keys and drums and the vocal carries this wonderful song.

"Holy Ground" may have gone under the radars of many worshippers, but this "Urban Rescue" track has caught the ear of someone at Spring Harvest as it is the next track on the album. "Your Kingdom Come" is a track based loosely on the end of the Lord's prayer and originally recorded by Pete James, this is fairly standard worship fayre so nothing too different. "Rescuer (Good News)" changes the pace and style a little with this song, originally from Rend Collective as you might expect, although this version lacks some of the original's creativity. The next track "Build My Life" is co-written by Matt Redman,  Brett Younker, Kirby Kaple, Karl Martin and the writer of "Good Good Father", Pat Barrett. This version is a stripped back acoustic song that is already making it's way through churches in the UK. 

"In the Name of God the Father" is the Joel Payne track from 2017, although this is quite a light recording which doesn't completely fit the song. The last track was written by another well known worship leader, "Fresh Outpouring" comes from Kim Walker-Smith and rounds out the album nicely.

This is a great selection of tracks which are already starting to find their way into churches around the country. There are solid recordings on this release all put together admirably by Paul Burton as the producer. As a release in it's own right this won't set the worship world alight, but if you want an introduction to new songs then this is a great little album.

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