Music Review: My Pursuit by All About Worship

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June 23, 2016
Music Review: My Pursuit by All About Worship

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Lift My Eyes (Featuring Alisa Turner)
God Most High (Featuring Michael Farren)
I Can't Contain It (Featuring Dustin Smith)
Faith Forevermore (Featuring Aaron Tomberlin)
Hope Of The Cross (Featuring Benji Cowart & Krissy Nordhoff)
Great Is The Lord (Featuring Rhyan Shirley)
I Will Call (Featuring Corey Voss & Lydia Ingegneri)
My Pursuit (Featuring Benji Cowart)
Back To Life (Featuring Amanda Kinner)
Royal Blood (Featuring Michael Farren)

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My Pursuit features new songs written and performed by the AAW community composed of individuals rooted within their own local churches, serving on worship teams and in ministry leadership. They include: Michael FarrenKrissy Nordhoff , Dustin Smith, Benji Cowart, Corey Voss, Tony Wood, Scott Ingegneri, Lydia Ingegneri, James Galbraith, Rhyan Shirley, Alisa Turner, Lincoln Davis, Chris Clayton, Amanda Kinner and Aaron Tomberlin. Album producer, vocalist, songwriter and AAW president Michael Farren says the album was created by worship leaders for worship leaders with one thought in mind: “Can I lead this on Sunday?"

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My Pursuit
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If you are a church lead worshipper then regardless of what you think about the album then you need to check out the website for All About Worship because it is an excellent resource.

The album itself continues a trend of a "collective" form of worship featuring a number of ministry and worship leaders from a variety of churches. As they have written the songs on this album it has been totally with the view of people taking these tracks and using them in corporate worship. This collection of ten songs starts off with "Lift My Eyes" (With Alisa Turner)" which is a mid-tempo song of encouragement to focus on God, especially in the troubled times.

As there are a number of worship leaders on this album, there are also a variety of styles. For example a few of these tracks feel like they could easily have come from Bethel Music or Jesus Culture. This variety is not a bad thing, it's good to have that with different voices and styles whilst maintaining the same theme running through the tracks. The first couple of tracks are focused on God, where "I Can't Contain It" is more about the overwhelming nature of when we try and fathom the extent of God's love for us.

"Faith Forevermore" is a great reminder that God who works in our lives is the same as the God who did all the miracles of the old testament. Given the aim of this album to be songs that can be sung in churches easily I am not sure that this one would work easily. I like the sentiment but for me the execution lacks something that would make it an inspiring worship song. In fact I think that I would level this same criticism at "Hope Of The Cross". They are both songs that I think would work for the very personal worship that you might engage in on your own, but they don't feel like communal worship songs.

"Great is the Lord" brings this album back on track, a true worship vibe seems to run through this track which has an upbeat feel, yet it's tempo is actually no faster than the two tracks before it. The album title track is, arguably, the best and deepest track on the album and feels like the one that would be a real heart's cry of worship that echoes my heart the most. Often in worship we hear about God's pursuit of us, but there is equally meant to be a pursuit of God from our side, the hunger and need for more of God in our lives to change us and transform us!

There are tracks here that could be used for church services, but some of these feel like performance songs rather than congregational worship ones. I expected tracks that I would be able to sing along with engaging my head and heart, but even after repeated listens only a couple of these tracks were ones that stuck, these being "My Pursuit" and "Royal Blood". Perhaps if these had been recorded in a live worship setting it would have helped these tracks to 'feel' better. I am not all about being moved in some experiential way in worship, I believe that head, heart and spirit should be engaged in worship along with a tune that is relatively simple for any person to sing and for me that wasn't the case for an album that set out to make songs for people to use in church on Sunday.

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