Music Review: My Lighthouse by New Irish Kids

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November 24, 2015  
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Music Review: My Lighthouse by New Irish Kids
When My Energy's High (Jesus Loves Me)

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I Turn To Your Word
Every Move I Make
My Lighthouse
Jesus Doesn't Live In A Caravan
Talk To Jesus
You're The God (Carrying Your Image)
Why Should I Fear
All Through History
I'm Gonna Hate What Is Evil
Jesus Priceless Treasure
Every Blade Of Grass
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
When My Energy's High (Jesus Loves Me)

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The New Irish Kids Choir brings together wonderful faith building songs with the beautiful sound of voices. The title track, My Lighthouse, written by Rend Collective, is a huge hit in the church for its great lyrics and uplifting sound. Kids will love this album and parents won’t want to turn it off!

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(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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A New Album For Family Journeys

All adults know the pain of listening to children's songs in the car because it is the only way to keep the kids quiet for the duration of the journey! Well quite possibly inserting this album into your CD collection (or if you're up to date, your playlist) will at least help to give everybody something to listen to. This is the New Irish Arts Kids Choir's album "My Lighthouse" and it's a great collection of tracks sung by kids, but importantly they are not just children's songs!

Prior to this I was unfamiliar with New Irish Arts, this initiative was originally set up by Keith Getty as The New Irish Choir and Orchestra, but it has grown from those roots to be a resource for the church in Ireland. One part of the organisation now is a youth choir and this is their first recording of some Bible based kids songs, along with a few familiar tunes added in for good measure.

This album has 14 fairly high energy songs and really conveys the idea that the children enjoy singing and recording these tracks. This is something that is evident in the video recording of "When My Energy's High" which I have included in the videos above.

As you can probably tell from the title of the album, the 'adult friendly' worship tracks on this album include some of the most popular worship songs at the moment. "My Lighthouse" is a cover of the Rend Collective's song and we have a different version of "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" as track 12.

To maintain the high energy these tracks seem to be a little faster than you may be used to, but this works quite nicely with the naturally higher vocals of the children's choir. Of course this wouldn't be a collection of children's songs without a slightly cringe-worthy track and you can probably see it for yourself in the track listing. If you want me to point it out then "Jesus Doesn't Live In A Caravan" would be the one. The rest of the collection are a well balanced selection.

This should make any trips that little bit more bearable for frustrated parents and also give some excellent worship with Biblical truth in your kids.

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