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We love Christian Music and we want to show you that it'smore than Kumbaya sung around the campfire. Our reviews of the latest Christian Music covers the big well known names like Newsboys, Switchfoot, Matt Redman from labels like Sony, Capitol CCM, Sparrow, Authentic Media, Integrity and many more.

There are many voices that deserve to be heard and many unsigned artists too. So we aim to bring you the best spread of music in the Christian scene from around the world. Our reviews are unbiased and honest, whilst trying to see the good and encourage artists in their work and integrity and to make great music that shows Gods creativity in us.

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Music Review: Heaven by Jimi Cravity
Jimi Cravity is a man whose heart claims dual citizenship in heaven and on earth. His vision of heaven is relevant, his conception – visceral and his longing for it – infectious. For Jimi, Heaven is real, it is now, and it changes everything. Such is the...
Abigail makes her debut into the UK Music scene with ‘Incomprehensible’. ‘Incomprehensible’ is a 10-track album produced in London by Oyo Music. Speaking about the title of the album, this is what Abigail had to say. “The songs on the INCOMPREHENSIBLE album are a selection of...
Music Review: Deeper With You by Paul Whitfield
This is an amazing privilege and responsibility which I enjoy and don’t take lightly. I have been busy writing and recording a contemporary Christian album called “Deeper With You” which you can find details of in the “SOLO PROJECTS” section. You can also check out the tracks on my...
Music Review: Coastal Kids by Red Letter Hymnal
"Coastal Kids" is an album about complete dependance on God. We as Christians know that our goal is to trust God in every avenue of our lives, but if you've lived on earth long enough you'll quickly find out that's a lot easier said than done. ...
Music Review: Make Noise by Spence 4hire
Following a sudden Internet viral campaign and his first self-titled release, Spence paused his rap career to focus on family, schooling, and community outreach – all of which he alludes to transparently in his music. Returning from the hiatus, Spence drops his new EP Make Noise, and has every...
Music Review: Live at The Blaisdell Arena by New Hope Oahu
New Hope Oahu is listed as one of the top ten most innovative churches in America with Outreach Magazine listing them as one of the “top five churches to learn from.” New Hope Oahu is known for redeeming the arts and technology with thousands attending services each week between...
Music Review: Found by Seventh Day Slumber
“‘Found’ came from the heart and hits me every time I perform it,” Rojas says. “The truth is, I was singing every night on stages all over the country ministering to others, but inside I felt empty. I poured myself out but never filled back up. I was too ashamed to...
Music Review: Glory Song by Matt Redman
Back with an all-new studio album, Matt Redman proclaims (quite literally from the rooftops!) the joy and triumph that come when we lift our voices in worship. Glory Song follows on from the landmark albums of 10,000 Reasons, Unbroken Praise, and his recent Christmas offering of...
Music Review: The One by Mehlek Pfisha
Mehlek Pfisha, born Nathaniel Henry, is a testimony of God's merciful grace and rehabilitation. Enjoy the Journey of the Virginia Native, Hip Hop Artist.
Music Review: Glorious Day: Hymns Of Faith by Casting Crowns
What do you get when you combine Christian music's best-selling band with timeless, beloved hymns such as "Nothing But The Blood," "Blessed Redeemer," and "'Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus"? A record that will capture the hearts of long-time fans and newcomers alike! ...
Music Review: Like a Tree by Kimberlee M. Leber
Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, gratefully shares with you her fifth solo album, "Like a Tree", showcasing her most recent written music to date after a long heartfelt year of helping take care of her beloved stepdad before his passing. Dedicated to him, the album truly presents an honest delivery...
Music Review: Pressure by Har Megiddo
I want to inspire a generation to dance before the Lord like King David: Undignified! In the summer of 2011, the Lord spoke to me and told me to start making electronic dance music carrying the Spirit of Elijah. From there, I set my heart and hands to create...
Music Review: Empowered By Easter by Rachel Francis-Nweke
‘Empowered By Easter’ is the new contemporary-gospel 6 track EP from music ministry EmpoweredByOne featuring vocalist Rachel Francis-Nweke, set for release March 2nd. The EP consists of 4 original songs and 2 revamped hymns which collectively encourage the listener to, “live in the freedom and love that Christ sacrificed...
Music Review: Nine Beats to the Bar by Nine Beats Collective
Nine Beats Collective is a collaboration of world class musicians, artists, poets and songwriters drawn together from across three continents (Europe, North America and Africa) on the trail of exploring the wisdom of the ancient Bible sayings known as 'the Beatitudes'.
Music Review: Deliverance & Doubt by South of Royal
The Village Church Music seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ at The Village Church and beyond through biblical, creative, diverse and formational music. Our music seeks to proclaim the gospel story with themes and ideas inspired and informed by the Bible in an honest, distinct, compelling and creative...
Music Review: Come Back Fighting by Philippa Hanna
With much of the album written in Nashville, Philippa has brought together a range of pop, country and gospel influences, assembling an impressive collection of musicians. From the acoustic-reggae-infused Dorothy to the hard-hitting bluesy title track Come Back Fighting, listeners can expect to be drawn into...
Music Review: Never in My Wildest by Davey Asaph
David finally decided to embark on a long time dream of releasing an album as a solo artist. He wanted to share what God had done in his life and heart so he “locked in” and held nothing back as the grind began. One year later the solo project...
Music Review: Forever We Sing by Andy Garcia
From worship leading, to events, to training up leaders, his heart is to see people moved and blessed through God-filled music. His vision for this world is just as big as his heart to see people touched, and his passion will never let him quit.  He speaks the Father’s...
Music Review: The Promise (Soul Survivor 2017) by Various Artists
The tents are packed up, stages disassembled, and wellies thoroughly washed and put away - but the doesn’t mean Soul Survivor is over! Soul Survivor is back again with this year’s live CD, jam packed with thousands of young voices and leading, well, leaders creating a...
Music Review: Hands High by Equippers Revolution
Equippers Revolution is the sound of the Revolution Youth Movement, and a musical expression of Equippers Church. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s core members have grown up in the church, and have been a part of the youth worship team for over 10 years.
528 results - showing 161 - 180
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