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We love Christian Music and we want to show you that it'smore than Kumbaya sung around the campfire. Our reviews of the latest Christian Music covers the big well known names like Newsboys, Switchfoot, Matt Redman from labels like Sony, Capitol CCM, Sparrow, Authentic Media, Integrity and many more.

There are many voices that deserve to be heard and many unsigned artists too. So we aim to bring you the best spread of music in the Christian scene from around the world. Our reviews are unbiased and honest, whilst trying to see the good and encourage artists in their work and integrity and to make great music that shows Gods creativity in us.

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Music Review: Wonder by Jean Watson
“‘Wonder’ is a simple song, written by Amanda Cook,” she explains. “The arrangement just transports me into the presence of God. The lyrics aren’t deep or complicated. They don’t have to be. The gravity and depth and power of the music ushers me into an awareness of the presence...
Music Review: Getting Stronger by Philip Hamrick
Are we really being honest with God in the songs we sing to Him? Are we being real about our doubt, our heartache and fear, along with our joy and praise? In his first solo worship release, "Getting Stronger," Philip Hamrick brings these topics to the forefront with a...
Music Review: Scottish Worship (Live at Stanely House)  by Allan McKinlay
Allan has a passion for the presence of the Lord and his heart is to gather, lead & inspire people to pursue intimacy with God and to be free, passionate, creative & authentic worshipers.
Music Review: Symphony by Natalie Villa
Natalie Villa’s release “Symphony” is a purposeful, melodic journey intertwining soulful worship ballads and energetic pop. This 5 song EP is packed with powerful messages in each song while making you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs. Natalie hopes to encourage the listener through...
Music Review: Rip Tide by Serena Dalton
Serena has developed a bigger, bolder and more vibrant sound. Again leaning on influences such as the Civil Wars and the Staves, she has added some grittier sounds into the mix too which has brought an added depth to her music. 100% of the proceeds are...
Music Review: Deathgrip by Fit For A King
In November of 2015, four days before Fit For A King was set to play a show in Paris, a music venue in the city was violently gunned down by terrorists. The attacks bred a frightened and brittled community, one left mourning the lives of 128 concert goers. It...
Music Review: Reflection by Derek Minor
The appeal of southern Hip Hop has long been country vernacular over crunk beats that keep heads bangin' and bodies movin'. While the head bangers and dance anthems haven't ceased, in recent years, authentic Hip Hop and true lyricism have taken a back seat to commercial success. In steps...
Music Review: Behind These Walls by Silent Culture
Meet this exciting new band from Vineland, New Jersey. Launched in November of 2105, these five guys set out on a new journey to start a movement of people who are tired of their voices not being heard, and are ready to join with them in speaking up for the...
Music Review: Brave the Dark by Bird Passengers
Bird Passengers is an indie-pop band based out of Sacramento California. The band was originally formed by producer Nate Dodge and songwriter Jonathan Jones in 2015. In 2016 the band added singer/songwriter COAV and the trio of Bird Passengers took shape. The band has since been successful with several...
Music Review: Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 6 - Part 2 by Various Artists
We're back in 2016! We are an independent online Christian music website and formerly a record label. Faith and Entertainment With an Independent Perspective. All purchases will go towards the relaunch effort and buying more download credits. Old School, Classics, New Releases, and more. You can download...
351 results - showing 111 - 120  
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