Music Review: Love Song For A City by Martin Smith

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September 11, 2018
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A musical declaration of God’s love for His children, Love Song For A City is also a reflection of Smith’s own love for the local church around the world.

“I’m convinced that if God wrote a love letter to a city it would be addressed to every occupant by name,” says Smith. “It would note every dream, reference every sadness, highlight every secret act of kindness and be filled with reminders of His endless love.”

“And every page would be drenched in holy tears,” he adds. “Tears spiked by the pain of separation and the injustice that exists. So as we sing, we are fighting for what is right. As we dance, we connect with each other. As we shout, the walls come down... so keep singing. Keep singing over your family, over your neighborhood, over your city, because this world needs it.”

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